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Using the Words on a Page

I started reading the page I was about to paint in my journal.  Certain words jumped out at me so I boxed them in with a black marker.  I didn’t think about it just went with my instincts.

I used white paint around the word boxes.  Once it was dry I watercolored the words in boxes.

Now I started reading the words.  The ones that fit together for me at this moment got an arrow or two.

To finish it off I drew big letters with watercolor pencils.  After they dried, I outlined with a black pen.

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  • fairyrocks July 30, 2011, 2:14 pm

    Thank yo so much for the awesome card.
    Well more than a card, truly a work of art.
    Hope the sun is shining on you and yours today.
    Keep smiling and creating
    Pam aka fairyrocks