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Pitt Pen Experimentation

I have been in love with the way 3 big brush Pitt pens work together. I love oceans and water so these 3 pens were ideal for me. When I write directly on a piece of paper the ink is too dark for some of my projects. That’s when my glass topped counter became my best friend.

1. I wrote on the glass with my sloppy illegible handwriting. I love writing this way so I don’t have to worry about writing anything of significance.

2. I quickly put a piece of white tissue paper on top of it. Why tissue paper? So I can put it on top of another piece of paper without reversing the words.

3. Put a layer of Golden fluid matte medium over a patterned paper then gently put the tissue on top. Seal it with another layer of matte medium.

I used that paper for the base of the pocket.


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