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Sharing What’s Off Limits in a Conversation with Nat Kalbach

Join me for a fun conversation with Nat Kalbach, the wizard behind Creative JumpStart. Which is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary! Grab a cup of coffee and come hang out with us. I’m sharing what’s off limits for me when adding color to my house – yes, I have limits, and what brings me joy and toilet paper.

What is Creative JumpStart? It’s an online mixed media workshop is designed to stoke your creativity and kick off the new year with play. You’ll get a new video every day, Jan. 1- Feb. 14th, each from a different artist. I’m over the moon excited to be one of them! This year’s theme is storyteller.

Each video is just about 10 minutes in length, making them the perfect bite-sized portion of inspiration to help make creating a part of your daily routine.

Join us in the virtual classroom, discover new techniques and grow artistically through the videos, and share your work and passion with other students.

You can see all the details and get registered here.

Jump in before it begins on Jan. 1st and get the early bird price!

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  • Linda Dunnihoo December 11, 2020, 6:18 pm

    Pinball machine!! And I love Carolyn’s philosophy. I have relaxed so much since just embracing her attitude. One of the best things I ever did started with just slopping RED paint on paper and just adding whatever I felt like, and it ended with a new attitude and a lovely piece. And I also love that art supplies are not like mayonnaise. LOL