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Gel Printing a T-Shirt thumbnail

https://youtu.be/Yx6jOqjnR58 A plain white cheap t-shirt can become something so much more with some simple gel printing. I’m using The Awareness Ribbon plate by Gel Press to create a pattern on the shirt in honor of my mom and all the families impacted by breast cancer. In the video, you’ll see the really simple way [...]

Paint Couture…Gel Printing Rainbow Sneakers thumbnail

Paint Couture…fun to make and fun to wear!  Turns out finding a rainbow colored pair of shoes isn’t as easy as you might think so I decided to make some rainbow shoes!  Clearly, I did not cobble them myself but simply painted a cheap pair of canvas sneakers. Even though you don’t see triangles all [...]

Video tutorial sharing how she turned cheap boring reading glasses into works of art!

It’s an honor and privilege to be able to age and grow older.  Now I need reading glasses with my contacts…and the reading glasses were less than exciting.  I bought several cheap pairs and they just looked blah.  I had to find a way to embrace them…so I turned to the rainbow and transformed these [...]