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Organizing Art Supplies thumbnail

https://youtu.be/iv2gcCaUwyQ It’s so much easier to create when you can grab what you need effortlessly. Before I stared all this stuff was just tossed on the tray. It was hunting and searching for the pen I wanted or the color of paint. And it was always on the bottom of the pile. So I decided [...]

The Art Journaled Bathroom thumbnail

Did you see when I gel printed directly on the wall? It was a while ago and here’s an update on what’s been going on in the bathroom. There’s really no good way to write bathroom update and not have it mean the wrong thing lol! These bathroom walls are being treated like a great [...]

Rescued from decision paralysis by the rainbow while painting letters with liquitex spray paints video by Carolyn Dube

Decisions can be overwhelming, even paralyzing.  I was trapped trying to make the right decision for how to color these wood letters. All the vowels could be one color and the consonants multi colored.  I could randomly color each letter.  I could use patterns to make different or I could make them all the same. [...]