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Guest Post at StencilGirl Talk thumbnail

What do I do when I don’t know what to do? I’m sharing that along with the video showing how I made this reminder to hang on the wall not to take things so seriously. It’s all over in my guest post at StencilGirl Talk. StencilGirl Talk is the blog for StencilGirl Products where they [...]

The Easy Way to Stencil a Custom Quote thumbnail

Quotes make great wall art, especially when you use a quote that is meaningful to you. What if you could stencil it without having to worry about lining up the letters or keeping the rows straight. That is why I designed this masking stencil, so that it was easy to create any words or phrases, and [...]

Art Journal Play Inspired by Matisse thumbnail

How do I find the meaning in my art journaling?  It isn’t always logical.  That random “t” on the bottom of the page would lead me to Marilyn Monroe when I expected to use a Henri Matisse quote.  Along the way for bonus fun, I was able to annoy that logical left brain of mine and [...]

Where Will These Doorways Lead Me? thumbnail

The idea of doorways was stuck in my head the moment I saw these scraps. I became fixated on them the same way a song gets stuck in my head.  Little did I know what these treasured leftovers would get me thinking about. Once the bits, gel printed using my Arched Aqueducts stencil, were glued down on [...]