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Hip to Be Square

Stenciled Letters thumbnail

I had a bunch of requests for how I made the ransom style lettering using gel prints and stencils from my last blog post. You asked, and I listened! Here’s the video showing you all the techniques I used.  In there you’ll see how to stencil the speedy way if you’re doing a lot of [...]

The Reality Check About My One Word for the Year thumbnail

How much pressure could there be picking one word for the year? Turns out a lot.  Like so many people this time of year, I choose one word to be a beacon for me through the upcoming 12 months.  It was such a huge commitment, you’d think I was signing a contract in blood with [...]

The Easy Way to Stencil a Custom Quote thumbnail

Quotes make great wall art, especially when you use a quote that is meaningful to you. What if you could stencil it without having to worry about lining up the letters or keeping the rows straight. That is why I designed this masking stencil, so that it was easy to create any words or phrases, and [...]

The Stencil that Solved 2 Problems for Me art journaling video by Carolyn Dube with StencilGirl stencils

This stencil solved 2 problems for me.  One, how to get a word to perfectly coordinate with any background and my impatience when stenciling words when I want them precisely lined up. ***If you’d like to win this stencil (and 9 others) check out the giveaway*** https://youtu.be/491QN6QOozo Watch This stencil solved 2 problems for me on [...]

New Stencils at StencilGirl! thumbnail

What do Sketchy Women with Class have to do with Painted Rainbows?  What do Figments of Imagination have to do with Kandinsky’s Garden? They are just some of my new stencil designs just released at StencilGirl! Here’s a look at some of what I’ve been creating with these new designs.  It’s my version of a journal flip through…why [...]