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Round Up of All Sorts of Goodness!

Using a bleach pen on a magazine video tutorial

I’m playing around with a laundry supply in my latest guest post at Create Mixed Media.  And no, there is no laundry actually getting cleaned.  That would be crazy talk…of course I was in a bit of a silly mood when I made that video.  Perhaps it was the fumes.  Enjoy the video over there and have a laugh with me!


Maria McGuire has 2 new stencils which are loaded with details and possibilities!  And she’s even made a video showing how to use stencils as a starting place for intricate, unique, and endless doodling!  Take a look!

Watch Doodle It Bigger and Borders on YouTube.


Giveaway Alert!

21 Secrets Spring Are you entered in the 21 Secrets giveaway yet?  Hurry!  Tonight the giveaway on the blog ends, and Sunday morning the newsletter subscriber giveaway ends!

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Using a stencil to fix a messI went too far.  I was just playing around on cardboard and was really becoming very very happy with what was developing.  So I kept going…and then I went too far. Does that ever happen to you?

mixed media layers

Was that a mistake?  Nope, not at all.  It was an Oops, an Outstanding Opportunity that Presented Suddenly.  The gift came directly from me not loving this anymore.

Yes, not loving it is a gift!  There was no stress about ruining it.  I didn’t care because I didn’t love it.  And that meant I could just play and enjoy.

Now I have more words to use in my mixed media play and still plenty of cardboard left over for whatever else strikes my fancy.

Watch  Oops…What I Did When I Went Too Far on YouTube.

Verbage stencil is available here.

Luckily, I have a camera and one of the early stages is loaded with fun drips so it is the next Spark of Art-spiration.  What’s that and how do you get one?  Sparks go out to my newsletter friends.   Find out all about Sparks here and get one now!

And there’s still time to get in on the 21 Secrets Workshop giveaway-  all the details are here!


Creating Gelli prints to make layered art journaling backgrounds in 21 Secrets Spring21 Secrets SpringArt journaling is one of my favorite ways to let myself play.  Thanks to Gelli printing, I have a rich and colorful place to start any time I want and you can too!  I’m sharing 4 new videos showing how to make colorful Gelli prints in 21 Secrets Spring.  Thanks to the very generous Hali and Connie I have 2 of these to give away!

Creating Gelli prints to make layered art journaling backgrounds in 21 Secrets Spring

For those brand new to the Gelli Plate, or just plain curious about how it works, I have a getting started video that covers all the basics.  This print is from the getting started video.  All that texture, all those layers of color came up in just one pull.  Really!


Creating Gelli prints to make layered art journaling backgrounds in 21 Secrets Spring

It’s magical to me how radically different prints can be when made at the same time.  And I’m sharing how to quickly make these.

There are 2 more videos in my portion of 21 Secrets Spring but I’ll let those be a surprise on April 1st when 21 Secrets is released.

21 Secrets SpringNew to 21 Secrets? There are 21 different artists who have each created an art journaling video tutorial  and pdf.  And it is all downloadable!  Connie and Hali have all the details and information here.  You can find out about all of the wonderful teachers and each of their workshops and more!

Now on to the giveaways! I’m giving one to a randomly selected newsletter subscriber.  Current subscribers don’t need to do a thing – you’re already entered!  Not a subscriber yet? No problem, sign up here.   Just be signed up before my next newsletter goes out on Sunday, March 1st.

I’m giving another one away to one randomly selected person who comments on this blog post! Be sure to leave your comment by Thursday, February 26th at midnight EST.  I’ll announce the winner on Friday the 27th. Want another chance?  Share about it on Facebook, or Pinterest, or Twitter (you get the idea) then come back and leave a comment telling where you shared for extra chances!