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Going Graffiti with Santa's Sleigh

I have decided to use it or lose it (which means donate) all the stuff I have been saving for the “right” or “perfect” idea.  This fun wooden sleigh has been in my Christmas stash for almost a decade.  It is time to use it or pass it on to someone else. My purple hat Santa needed a sleigh to match his style so I decided to leave the traditional look of a sled and go for something with a touch of graffiti.


Going Graffiti with Santa's Sleigh

I started with a coat of DecoArt’s black gesso which let me play with their interference colors.  If you haven’t used interference colors they grab the light in very cool ways (but are very tough to photograph).


In the video, I detail my way of prepping the wood…and professional wood types should not watch…then with my usual precision, I used the fluid acrylics to get all sorts of color all over the sled.

Watch Santa’s Sled Goes Graffiti Style on YouTube.

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Video showing how to seal PanPastels  mixed media style!I adore PanPastels and what they do.  Since they are a pastel they need to be fixed or sealed in order to stay put, especially when I add layers on top of them.  When I say I add layers on top what I mean is I like to flood it with spray inks, brush paint around on top, and I am not very gentle about it.

How did I figure this out?  Hope you are sitting down because it will shock you.  I read the directions on the jar.

Using DecoArt Media Ultra-Matte Varnish  to seal PanPastels.

  • Mix half water with half Ultra Matte Varnish in a small spray bottle.
  • Shake well.  Really well.
  • Spray a light mist and let dry.
  • Spray a 2nd coat and let dry.
  • Test to see if the PanPastels smudge any and if they do, spray again.

I use a very small spray bottle so I can use up what I mix within the day and rinse out the bottle so that it doesn’t clog up the sprayer.

In the video, I show how I use PanPastels with stencils and after showing you how I sealed them add some messy layers on top.  And nothing smears!

Watch Sealing PanPastels Mixed Media Style on YouTube.

You can find my other PanPastel videos on YouTube here.

 Supplies Used

Thanks DecoArts for introducing me to Ultra-Matte Varnish!



The Art is Talking to Me Again

I've captured my play on video as I worked on a mixed media canvas with pico embellisher, inks, and stencils

When I create, the art starts to talk to me.  As I added the deli paper words to this mixed media canvas, I found it very telling that the only word to not go down “properly”, “correctly”, or “perfectly” of these 3 was dare.

Dare is a strong word to me…Dare to try.  Dare to play. Dare to let it happen and be okay.  

I've captured my play on video as I worked on a mixed media canvas with pico embellisher, inks, and stencilsI had carefully, well as carefully as I do anything, arranged the deli paper words to be sure they would be seen in the final piece.  The blue of the paint under the word courage obscured it quite a bit more than I anticipated.  This was a reminder to me that art takes courage. The courage to create, to try, to dare to see what will happen.

What did I use to add layers to this mixed media canvas in the video?   Products introduced to me thanks to  IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko.  These embellishers write over anything and the ink works like a dream with stencils and deli paper.

Watch Mixed media tutorial with irresistible pico embellisher on YouTube.

This canvas has been in the making for a very long time.  Here’s a video from almost a year ago that shows the steps leading up to today’s video.

Watch how this mixed media canvas started on YouTube thanks to Kiala Givehand’s Inspiration Deck.

I've captured my play on video as I worked on a mixed media canvas with pico embellisher, inks, and stencils

Supplies Used