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Video showing how stamps look on different Gelli prints by Carolyn Dube

What do I do with my Gelli Prints? I play with them.  How?  So many many ways.  Today, I’m stamping on them.

Using Gelli prints with stamps gives it the painterly, loose look I like without having to plan.  If I tried to color the stamps intentionally, I’d over think it and all the looseness I love would be gone.

All of these prints were done lickety-split in one pull.   If you want to learn how to make painterly Gelli prints loaded with colors in just one pull check out my One Pull Wonders workshop that starts on Monday!   Early bird discount ends Sunday night.

One Pull Wonders Workshop with Carolyn Dube

Watch Stamping on Gelli Prints on YouTube.

The new Dylusions rubber stamps called to me.  So glad I did because once I got these sassy strong women stamped and cut out they inspired me to make art journal page after art journal page!  Of course, I’ll be sharing in the near future.

Video showing how stamps look on different Gelli prints by Carolyn Dube


You can see how the different prints work withe the new Dylusions stamps.  The busier or darker the print, the harder it is to see the stamped details.  This isn’t bad or good – it just depends on how you want to use them.  In a future video, I’ll be showing how I play with stamped images on Gelli prints, including the very busy prints.

Supplies Used:



Bloopers from One Pull Wonders and a Giveaway!

Bloopers are just Oops’s (what is the plural of Oops?).  Things don’t always go as planned…but that is what makes it fun! Well, after you finishing laughing (and you are welcome to laugh at me or with me on this one) be sure to check out the workshop giveaway!

Watch Bloopers from One Pull Wonders on YouTube.

I’m giving away 3 spots in One Pull Wonders!  Even if you’ve already signed up, you can still win!  I will refund you the cost of the class if you win one of the spots!  The giveaway is now closed! 

dot6-blue-orangeHow can you enter?  By leaving a comment on this blog post.

dot4-pink-yellowWant more chances – then share it on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

dot-1-ex-ex-ex-longAfter you share it on Facebook come back here and leave another comment telling me where you shared it.  After you share it on Pinterest come back here and leave another comment telling me where you shared it.  After you share on Twitter come back here and leave another comment telling me where you shared it.  You get the idea.

That gives you extra chances to win!  On Sunday, Sept. 14th at midnight EST, I will  randomly pick the 3 winners and announce it Monday.  The giveaway is now closed! You can see the winners here.


Gelli Play One Pull Wonders Workshop with Carolyn Dube

Take advantage  of the hours and hours I’ve spent discovering what you can do with a Gelli Plate.  I’ve done all that experimentation so you can dive right in and make these complex prints yourself with 1 Pull Wonders.   

One Pull Wonders officially begins on Monday, Sept. 15th but there are videos waiting for you right now in the getting started section.

Early bird price disappears on Sept. 14th, right before class starts. After that it’s the regular price of $79


Gelli Play 1 Pull Wonders Workshop with Carolyn Dube


Picasso Meets the Gelli Plate

Fun video making Picasso style portraits on the Gelli Plate!

Join me for a Colorful Gelli Print Party!

Make Picasso style portraits in minutes on the Gelli Plate! For this months’ Colorful Gelli Print Party I am showing how easy it is to do.  Picasso was a master with lines, especially when creating faces.  But I am going to “cheat”.


I didn’t practice drawing.  I didn’t master the proportions of a face.  I went to a very cool website called PicassoHead and built the face using facial features taken from Picasso’s own works.   Check out the video to see how this was all done in one pull.

Gelli Play 1 Pull Wonders Workshop with Carolyn DubeI am a bit excited about doing prints in 1 pull right now.  Why? Because I have a workshop of all new, never shared before techniques in my latest workshop, One Pull Wonders.  The early bird savings will only be here until Sept. 14th, when class starts! After that it’s $79.


Watch Picasso Meets the Gelli Plate on YouTube.

You can find the Gelli Plates in all their wonderful sizes here and the little tool I used, called a blade, here.


Fun video making Picasso style portraits on the Gelli Plate!


How can you create a Picasso Head?  Just go to PicassoHead.com and click on create.  Then build your own Picasso Head.  The also have a never ending gallery of ones created by others!

Printing it Out

To get it to print out for me, I had to do a work around.  They have all sorts of options, but for some reason my computer just wouldn’t cooperate.  I took a screen shot.  If you don’t know how to do that on your computer there is a great post here about it.  They explain it for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, etc.

Then when I printed it on my computer.  My printer had a fit to paper option so it easily made it a larger size.  Every printer is different but I bet there is a way to enlarge it on yours.  If you’re not sure, Google is a good friend to have.

Sharing What You Make

I’d love to see what your Picasso Head Gelli Prints look like!  Hope you’ll share them with us over at the Colorful Playground.  And while you’re there, be sure to check out the fabulous creative works that have been shared!  Lots of inspiration there!

New to Goolge+ communities?  Well, we are too!  Learn how to use Google+ with us.  Here’s a video showing how the community works.