Paint Lids Sparked This Canvas

Pure precision work-that’s what is NOT on this canvas.  There are no scientific formulas here.  But there is fun.   I had my spark of inspiration which took me out of my head and into my art- Dina Wakley’s new paint lids stencil and a canvas.  The circle theme made me happy so I grabbed old poker chips and jumped right in…

Do you have a moment to play? Stop on by Dina Wakley’s Out of the Journal Challenge, Paint Party Friday, and Creative Every Day.


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51 Responses to Paint Lids Sparked This Canvas

  1. Cynthia says:

    WOW. Love those poker chips!! And the colors are fabulous!!!! LOVE.

  2. Corrine says:

    Sweet, the poker chips are fab! xox

  3. annie! says:

    Darn! The video was unavailable to me…but I sure do love seeing the result of you having fun! :)

  4. Maria McGuire says:

    New stencil, silks…..your playing with your new supplies and I love the result! The texture to the poker chips was the perfect touch.

  5. Denise says:

    Hi Carolyn-
    These are so fun. I love finding new materials from stuff around the house. The writing and embellishments on them are a great effect as well. Thanks for the video, always a pleasure to watch you work.

  6. Carin says:

    This is so fun! I love that you used poker chips! That is so not what you expect on a page, yet it makes perfect sense!

    Counting the days now till my little one is back at school and I can have fun too.

  7. Rinda says:

    What a terrific idea (using a stencil to echo your drawing/painting). Will try to remember to do that. Never got around to doing any canvases this month, but I do have something fun planned for PPF tomorrow.

  8. Laura Spano says:

    This is one of my favorite palettes- definitely fun and playful. I love what you did here with the poker chips. That looks like nice messy fun!

  9. Poker chips!!! Good grief, I have a ton of them….now they will be covered with paint!

  10. Very fun! Loved the video, Carolyn.

  11. Valerie-Jael says:

    Lovely, happy piece! Valerie

  12. Jessica says:

    FUN! Makes me want to play with you. Glad we’re meeting up again in October!!

  13. Ana says:

    sometimes it is important to just let go and no precision :)

  14. Clare says:

    Fab colours and love what you did with the poker chips!

  15. Wow~ Carolyn ~ I do believe you have the most painting fun and colors! ~ What a great idea and your creation is such a blessing to see this morning ~ Bright and Happy! ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  16. pointypix says:

    Fun sounds like a perfectly valid reason for a painting to me and this looks like the fun you had making it spilled right out onto the canvas!

  17. Apni Avani says:

    Great video! Loved the final painting too.

  18. Kay Wallace says:

    Carolyn! Did you really just use pink and orange together? Side by side? Overlapping? Uh, huh! You sure did, and, surprisingly, I love it! Who knew? What an absolutely fun page! I love that you give in to “randomness,” which is so hard for me to do. Note to self: throw away your ruler! Thanks for the inspiration today!

  19. NatashaMay says:

    Gorgeous! Fun’s the way to go. :) Great video!

  20. This is PURE fun, and a great message!
    Happy PPF,

  21. Susan says:

    Thank you! Great video and message. I need to remember this is supposed to be FUN.
    Happy PPF

  22. Leovi says:

    Excellent composition, very creative, I love especially for its delicate execution circular caps and colors.

  23. Faye says:

    Bright and beautiful, Carolyn. And play is what art is all about. Have fun with the circles.

  24. Marji says:

    Great colors! Play is such a nice topic. Wonderful work, Carolyn – so much fun. Happy PPF

  25. Maggie says:

    This is so playful and fun! I love the texture and the repeating circle shapes. Happy PPF!

  26. Rhonda says:

    Loving the vibrant colors! Looks like you had a wonderful creative time in your journal. Makes me want to touch! Happy PPF! :-)

  27. Christine says:

    beautiful carefree piece Carolyn!

  28. Annette G says:

    Terrific fun. Happy PPF, Annette x

  29. Carolyn,
    This is way cool! One of my favorites! Love the combination of oranges and violets and circles!!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  30. Ginny says:

    Carolyn, you make it all look so easy and so much fun. Just what creating should be all about. And the results are always beautiful!!

  31. soulbrush says:

    That’s what I love about art, the very fact that we can play and have such fun. Happy PPF.

  32. Very cool. Thanks for sharing the video!

  33. I like that you ended up putting purple on “Play”–cool! At least that is what it looks like. Fun piece! :)

  34. the fun you had just screams off the canvas… xx

  35. Alicia says:

    great piece!! and the video is incredibly fun — love speeded up video :D good insight into creative process too – love the ‘highly precise circles’ :D

  36. denthe says:

    It DOES look like you had lots of fun! Lovely piece!

  37. Anne says:

    Fun and awesome colors!

  38. AJ says:

    Thanks Carolyn another great video, I love the color combinations, you sound very relaxed and fun loving.
    Big love
    AJ :-)

  39. giggles says:

    So fun!! Inspiring me to play!!
    Good job!! Love the whimsy and great color!

    Hugs Giggles

  40. Gorgeous canvas. Love the “play”fulness of the piece. Sorry I couldn’t access the video, but I enjoyed seeing the end result of all this PLAY!!

    • Carolyn says:

      Rats- wish it worked for you. I’ll try to bribe the computer overlords so it works for you next time.

  41. Natasha says:

    Oh I love this. So bright and playful. Lovely vibrant energy about it.

  42. lynn cohen says:

    Fun watching your little video of your play process and seeing the sweet outcome! HPPF on SATurday night!

  43. Your video was fantastic. I loved how spontaneous your painting was and how great it turned out.

    Thank you for popping by my blog and leaving such lovely comments. x

  44. carlarey says:

    Hmmm, must go find that stash of poker chips I was going to toss. You are always so full of great ideas.

  45. Linda K says:

    What a wonderful ,playful canvas!! This is one of my fave color combos too!

  46. very fun! just Play!!!

  47. Dina says:

    I love the bright, fun feeling of this!

  48. So playful and fun! I love how cheery it is. A great reminder to have on the art desk!

  49. Cheryl M says:

    Thanks for sharing your video and your process. I enjoyed it.