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https://youtu.be/S3yq5k0dEtQ What’s the secret to getting gel prints full of pattern with colors that pop? Magic? Random Luck? Nope, but it can feel like that when you don’t know the process. Anyone, including you, can make prints like these when you understand how stencils interact with paint and color on a gel plate. After all, [...]

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When I’m gel printing and I want to subtly blend colors, in an almost Impressionistic style, there’s a medium I mix with the paint. This allows acrylic paint to behave differently and create a wide variety of levels of color blending. This is something I haven’t taught before. Not online or in person until now. [...]

Creative JumpStart is like going to a creative buffet of 31 different styles and approaches.  So if you’re looking for inspiration to start your play- this workshop is loaded with it! One of the many things I adore about Creative JumpStart is that each video is only 10 minutes long so that means it can fit [...]