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Sneaky Art Journaling Workshop

Sneaky Art Journaling Workshop with Carolyn Dube

I’m so excited about Super Bowl Sunday!  Not because of the football but because of the art play with new and familiar faces!  The people I got to know teaching there in 2015 makes it an even bigger joy to come back and play…I mean teach 2 new workshops at Simply Said Stamps on Feb. 7th!

Sneaky Art Journaling
I used to struggle with letting go and creating loosely but I have found ways around that…that’s why I call this workshop Sneaky Art Journaling…because it is all about how to trick the controlling left brain into quieting down.

Once that left brain is settled down, I’m sharing how I keep it on the run with techniques using heavy bodied paints, glazing liquid, and different ways to apply the color. We’re not going to be using only brushes! I’m bringing all the paints, Stencil Girl stencils, and more!

I will have paper for you to work on but if you’d like to work directly in your own art journal, you are more than welcome to bring that to class!

Bring a variety of rubber stamps and a permanent black ink pad. How many stamps? 15 or so stamps…some big, some little, some fine, some bolder, a variety. If you want to bring more- feel free! If you want to bring fewer, I’ll also have some to share if you don’t mind waiting your turn.

Small brushes and a water container…what do I mean by small brushes? ¼” to ½” flat brushes. You can bring 1 and rinse it a lot or bring 4-5 and you won’t have to clean as much.

Only a few spots left in this workshop- you can find all the details and registration here.


Gelli Printing® with Geometrics

Join me for pattern play that combines both large and small geometric shapes as we build up colors on the Gelli Plate®. We’ll be hand cutting the large shapes and using StencilGirl stencils to get the finely detailed geometric shapes and patterns. The layers will build up directly on the plate and you’ll find out why they won’t dry out while we’re working on them! Plus, you’ll know how to take a so-so print and immediately make it a something special.

Bring a Gelli Plate®, soft rubber brayer, 5-6 colors of acrylic paints (for this technique I use a heavy body paint which is thicker and more opaque), white acrylic paint, scissors, and paper towels. I will bring everything else you will need.

This class is sold out but my newsletter people heard about this first…so if you’d like to be in the know (plus there are extra goodies and treats that are only in the newsletter), get signed up here.

Gelli Printing with Geometrics Workshop with Carolyn Dube



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  • Corrine January 15, 2016, 2:53 pm

    Good stuff Carolyn. Lucky students. xox

  • susanjw January 25, 2016, 10:07 am

    I hope that this workshop becomes an online class as well.