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Creative JumpStart 2019 on Sale!

What is Creative JumpStart?  It’s a one of kind online event that is all about jump starting your creativity that Nat Kalbach puts together and I’m honored to be one of the artists!

It’s 31 downloadable videos, each from a different artist, in January. It’s like a creative buffet of different styles, approaches and fun! Each video is about 10 minutes long, so creativity and play can fit into even your busy schedule!

It’s on sale for $45 (regularly $60) so if you’d like a new video every day in January, this is the best price! What a steal for inspiration from so many different artists! Head on over to Nat’s  to get signed up.  

What will my day include? A fancy tool – the popsicle stick that we’re going to make an alteration, a customization, so that it can do something very textural for us!

Creative JumpStart is regularly $60 but the earlier you join the better your discount!

  • $45 Nov. 27th- 30th 11:59EST
  • $50 December 1st – 31st at 11:59pm EST
  • $60 when the play begins on January 1st  2019. 
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