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Creative Escape Swap Finished!

First charm swap I’ve entered is done and ready to mail!  This was a “gremlin” project for me.  There were little gremlins saying the most unhelpful things in my ears while I created these.  Do you ever have those gremlins that say things like “it’s not good enough” “it won’t be just right” “how can you send these out” “that color?” and so on.  If I had  friend who talked this way to me, they wouldn’t be my friend anymore.  Well, I told the little gremlins to jump in a lake and voila – the charms got finished.  The toughest part was finding a bead or cap for the tops and bottoms of the magazine print beads and keeping it as close to 1″ long as possible.



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  • Madeline July 10, 2011, 3:56 am

    These are so cute! They’re like little barbershop poles, but Carolyn-ified.

    Also, if those gremlins ever come back, who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS. Seriously. I’m pretty sure they could help.