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All Tied Up in Knots – a stencil, a gel plate, and watercolors thumbnail

https://youtu.be/vSuqxlF9phw What does Alexander the Great, an Oracle, and an unsolvable problem have to do with stencils? It inspired my Gordian Knot stencil collection at StencilGirl Products! A Gordian knot is one without a beginning or end that is impossible to unravel. That is, unless you apply a bit of creative thinking to it. The [...]

  Welcome to day  5 of  Stencil Week celebrating my latest release at StencilGirl!  Today might be the last day of Stencil Week but never fear….there will be more stencil and creative fun coming here on the blog and on YouTube!  If you don’t want to miss any of the fun you can subscribe/follow  all [...]