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Overlapping Hearts

Coloring Inside the Lines the Easy Way thumbnail

https://youtu.be/QuZL1he4SP4 Neat and tidy coloring inside the lines isn’t something you see very often at aColorfulJourney but when I do it here, I am not really staying carefully inside the lines. But it doesn’t really show up because of what I used to add the color to this gel print! This is the print I [...]

Ink and Stencils thumbnail

https://youtu.be/4NHNiAJDzEA Ink and stencils can play together to create very loose, one of a kind images. As I gave this technique a try, I turned on the video camera so you could join me to see what happens as I play with both acrylic ink and spray inks. You’ll see something I didn’t like about [...]

Transforming Ugly Papers thumbnail

https://youtu.be/sOmLtiZbc-4 Ugly papers don’t have to stay ugly! One more layer can make a big difference! Below are some brayer clean up papers from gel printing and they do not make me happy the way they are. Using the stencils from the Overlapping Shapes collection I created for StencilGirl Products, I’m going to get some [...]

New Stencil Collection- Overlapping Shapes! thumbnail

https://youtu.be/jK2Mzl3Xb8g I’m so excited to be able to share the play that’s been happening with the Overlapping Shapes collection! It’s my latest release over at StencilGirl Products! These stencils can work by themselves and they can work in pairs. In the video, you saw how the Overlapping Circles Filled fit right over the Overlapping Circles. [...]