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Playing with Found Patterns

Gel Printing with a Ping Pong Ball and More thumbnail

https://youtu.be/2Egd96onz_8 All around you are amazing patterns for you to use on your gel plate! In this video, I’m using three different found patterns and my favorite by far is the ping pong ball! When I’m using pattern tools on the gel plate, there are three key factors that I pay attention to. These factors [...]

A Fancy Gel Printing Tool from the Trash thumbnail

https://youtu.be/ZD6Sf9FbD7Q These prints were made with a fancy pattern making tool. Where did I get that tool? Where all the best pattern makers seem to come from – the trash! All around you are amazing pattern making goodies! When I’m playing with found patterns there are three big factors that I pay attention to because [...]

https://youtu.be/XyfwerwdZpc Interesting patterns are all around you, especially at home! But how do you use that trash, junk, and recyclable to make fun gel prints? That’s what Gel Printing: Playing with Found Patterns is all about. Come hang out with me virtually in the studio and let’s make some gel prints together! This workshop is [...]