A Trifecta of Indecision

First I had artist’s block.  So I decided I would do a challenge to overcome the block.  Then I couldn’t decide which challenge.  Then I had writer’s block while putting this post together.  A trifecta of indecision!








While enjoying the art at Marjie Kemper’s blog I found out she was the guest artist at The Art Journal Cafe!  It had a 30 minute art journal page challenge.  A challenge would get me out of my indecision and creating.  Then I found the challenge over at Anything But a  Card which was for anything but a card. It’s their first one and I love supporting new challenges.  I couldn’t decide which one to so I hope no one minds if I combined 2 into 1.  If I hadn’t, I think I would have spent an entire week trying to make a decision as to which one to do…

Here’s the fast forward video of my 30 minute journal page- I had 9 seconds left at the end but the pesky video camera died in the last minute. ..

I must confess the adrenaline rush from trying to get it done in 30 minutes (which went a lot faster than I anticipated) was the just the jolt I needed.  After I was finished, I realized there were some other things I would have done if I didn’t have a time limit so I decided, yes I decided, to keep playing.  Below are some of the journal pages I’ve stared using spray ink and  Julie Balzer’s Chevron Arrow stencil.  I’m off to add more to these journal pages…




































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36 Responses to A Trifecta of Indecision

  1. Margaret F says:

    Carolyn, I think you have solved your problem with indecision! I was drawn to the handwritten titles on this page and how wonderfully you linked the directional arrows, the runner, and your words to the feeling of ‘gotta do something NOW!’ I thoroughly enjoyed the video and the peek into your creative process! Thanks so much for joining us at Anything But a Card Challenges!

  2. Maria McGuire says:

    Now I get the indecision of earlier :) Seem you have broken your artist block. Love that you colored in the arrows with Twinks. I really like the 3rd one down too with all the colored arrows :) So where are you running?

  3. I love your art page! It is perfect for our challenge over at anything but a card! I think I will be doing a 30 minute challenge very soon! I haven’t picked up my art journal in a while, this would be a great challenge for me! Thank you for sharing it!

  4. A “trifecta of indecision,” what an amazing turn of phrase, I love it! I am often in the throes of indecision which can keep me from moving forward. I like that you took a plunge and went with a challenge and broke through your block. Your pieces are so much fun!

  5. Carolyn, what a good idea to mix two challenge in one, look your page, she is great and speak a lot to me.
    Thanks to have participated to our AJC challenge
    Carol, one of the frappucinos

  6. Marja says:

    Hi Carolyn, this page is gorgeous again and that in 30 minutes. Wonderful. I love the colors and the movement in this page. marvelous also your other pages.
    Lovely greet

  7. Chris'Scrap says:

    this countdown is stressful !!! but your creative improvisation is amazing ! I could never do that…
    thank you for your visit …

  8. Anesha says:

    Great journal page, and well done in getting it done in 30 minutes. Love the other pages, great colours.

  9. Laura Spano says:

    As always, I love your work! But’s its your commentary that gets me….sometimes, I feel like you must be in my head, and now I keep running into you in blogland, so I feel like I discovered a new friend :) The bright colors with the black work so well together and I love the sense of movement from your man, to the stencil and the words- everything works together beautifully. The stencil’s cool- I’m gonna have to drap my butt up to NY to take a class with Julie. I used to watch this scrapbooking show only when she was on! Heading over to check out that other challenge now- sounds like fun!

  10. Carly says:

    I have yet to do this challenge yet… I feel very intimidated by a 30 minute time limit! Maybe I’ll give it a go today. Great page!

  11. Apple says:

    That is a good challenge to overcome your artist’s block. I have a box full of prompts that I pick from when I get stuck and don’t know what to do! :)

  12. Carol says:

    wow ! Great post and fun creation in 30 min ~ very creative! ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    ps ~ I must say I feel rather ‘racing’ myself today ~ must be the ‘waning of the moon’ ^_^

  13. Cynthia says:

    Gorgeous pages! I love the arrows–they fit in perfectly with the RUN page!

  14. Minxy says:

    Super effort, Loved watching it all come together, It’s a great page.
    I think I need that stencil now lol
    Thanks for joining the AJC challenge
    Hugz Minxy
    {guest coffee bean}

  15. Buttons says:

    Fabulous pages Carolyn. What a challenge! – lacking inspiration and setting a time limit!! This would seem terrifying but you have created some great work as a result. A lesson to us all methinks.
    Thanks for your lovely comment. Hugs, Buttons x

  16. Valerie-Jael says:

    Oh dear, a trifecta of indecision sounds dangerous. Like Mumps at least! Good that you managed to find the right challenges to give yourself a kick in your whatever needed to be kicked to get going! I like the results, too! Valerie
    Nice new blog look, very fresh!

  17. Mary Walker says:

    That was tough, I enjoy seeing how each artist works through their blocks. Great page.

  18. alice says:

    carolyn – may i just say once again – i love your work! the brightness of the colors, the fullness of life, the free-ing feeling it brings to me – you rock!

  19. I’m so glad you played along with the 30 minute challenge… and thanks for the shout-out! I love what you did with Julie’s stencil and with that runner… he’s so well defined with the black outline against all the other colors. Hope your indecision has been kicked out by this gorgeous page!

  20. Kay Wallace says:

    Loved watching the video, Carolyn! And, you successfully made a decision about indecision! lol Also love that you “hand journaled” part of the title. That always gets my attention! Well done!

  21. This turned out wonderfully! I think having a time limit would be entirely too stressful for me, but I can see how it could get you out of a pause period, that’s for sure! :)

  22. Carin says:

    A trifecta of indecision… love that word play! And I love your page and backgrounds (the multicoloured one screams out to me it wants to be copied in my own journal! Naughty copycat!). It was so fun seeing your journal page created in 30 minutes. I must try that too sometime.

  23. Duaa says:


    I absolutely LOVE your art journal pages! You have so cool and funky ideas and I really am inspired by your art journalling.your work is so colorful, vibrant and vivid.Your style is simply AMAZING!

    Your new follower,

  24. Cath D says:

    What a fun Journalling page love the colours on that.

    That arrow stencil is brilliant :)

    Thank you for lovely comments on my blog, did you look for your clubscrap stencil lol


  25. I LOVE it!!!! Thanks for joining us at ABAC :) :)

  26. Julia S-W says:

    Love this page and the other backgrounds! The use of the chevron stencil and your runner work brilliantly. I saw Marjie’s post about this 30 minute challenge and I take my hat off to anyone who can do this!
    Thanks for joining us at ABAC’s first challenge.

  27. I love giving myself a time limit! I also love only using what I can reach from where I’m sitting–I always end up looking for little scraps of paper on the floor–

    This is fun–and I love your ‘trifecta of indecision!’ Perfect description!

  28. Kat says:

    Hello Carolyn, I always love checking out your colorful creations, thanks for visiting and your kind comment at dreamcolour, great to hear from you, take care. xx

  29. gill says:

    good work, i love your idea of stencilling over the page. Id like to try that challenge myself

  30. Nida Razali says:

    Hi Carolyn! Thanks for visiting my blog! Love your page! Simple yet stunning!!

  31. Janet says:

    Wow That was fast. I don’t think I have ever done something like that in 30 minutes. Kind of makes my head spin! Very inspiring! Thanks!

  32. Linda K says:

    LOVE this post and especially the creative, happy ending-problem solved and then some! Your arrow stencil pages are fantastic and it’s also a great jump start prompt to pick a stencil and make several background pages to get the mojo going!

  33. annie! says:

    I love your yummy patterns. I have to confess that I didn’t watch the video because I’m almost at the end of the linky list and just ready to be done with the computer for awhile!

  34. annie! says:

    Well DANG. I have a new laptop and there are lots of videos that I’m not able to watch and wouldn’t you know…this is one of them. I just have to get on the phone with applecare.

  35. Shahrul Niza says:

    beautiful & fun page, Carolyn. I have yet to try this. A bit scary too :). I love all the colors you have used, very sweet. Hugs.

  36. Thanks for sharing your project with everyone at ABAC! Making an art journal page in a 1/2 hour is a challenge in and of itself. I love it! I have been on the fence about that arrow stencil – but after reading your post and seeing all the variations…I MUST HAVE IT. Looking forward to seeing more of your work :)