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Filling the Holidays with Heart

Filling the Holidays with Heart

As you celebrate this season, please be patient with those who are in pain.  Those who are hurting in ways you can see and ways you can’t see.

Filling the Holidays with Heart

This season I’ve been visiting hospitals for friends and family.  The bravery, the pain, the struggle, and the triumph is all to clear on the faces. But that is at the hospital.

If I were to see them on the street, I might not realize how much pain they are in and how hard they are struggling to get through each day.

Filling the Holidays with Heart


Help fill the holidays with heart by showing kindness and compassion to all that you meet.  The simplest act can make a world of difference.  A smile.  A hug.  A quick phone call telling someone you are thinking of them.  That little bit of heart and connection can make the day brighter for everyone.



Happy Holidays and thank each and every one of you for being a part of this colorful journey!


Ditching the stress for more play with stenciled stockings!  This is like an inner critic with enough family baggage to fill a cruise ship.  Over the years, I have tolerated that voice and let it suck so much joy away.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I want to embrace the fun of the season not the stress.  Here’s what I have been saying any time I hear that critical voice about my holiday decorations, my wrapping, my cooking, etc.

  • It is not going to be a masterpiece.  It is going to be done.
  • It is not going to be perfect.  It is going to be done.
  • It is not going into the museum of holiday decorations.  It is going into my hallway (or any other room in my house).

This has dramatically shifted my holidays.  There is so much more joy in them.  And so much more is getting done – like these quick stockings!

In the video, I dressed up some extremely cheap stockings.  These had been in the closet waiting for me to add something to them.  Well, now I have!  Are they perfect? Nope.  Are they a masterpiece?  Nope.  Did I have fun making them?  Yup! Will I have fun putting them up around the house? Most definitely!

Watch Quick stenciling on stockings on YouTube.

If you’d like more ways to quiet a critical voice, I’ve got a downloadable video and pdf waiting for you called “3 Ways to Thwart the Inner Critic“.  Find the details here.

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A Touch of  Mixed Media  for a Santa  Ornament by Carolyn Dube I’m going traditional with this Santa inspired ornament.  Why so traditional?  Because I have a Santa themed tree, which happens to be an upside down tree.  Can’t be too traditional all at once here.

Upside Down Christmas TreeNew the to the upside down tree world?  You can read why I love this tree here.

I bought these red ornaments a while back on sale for this tree.  I wanted to make a fun red Santa ornament.  I let the holiday stress get in the way of my plans, and these went into the closet for “when I had time”.  That was several years ago.

At first, I imagined an heirloom Santa ornament that rivaled a Faberge creation.  Then I had a moment of sanity and reminded myself that it is not a masterpiece commissioned for a royal family.  It’s a cheap red ornament for a tree.

Reminding myself it’s not a masterpiece let me actually start playing and making.  Not only do I have some for this tree, I also created enough to take care of an ornament swap I’m in!  Bonus!

Check out the video to see how to get the spray to go all around the top without moving your hands and how easy it is to make red ribbon carbon black!

Watch Create a Santa Ornament with Spray Ink and Ribbon on YouTube.

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