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A Touch of  Mixed Media  for a Santa  Ornament by Carolyn Dube I’m going traditional with this Santa inspired ornament.  Why so traditional?  Because I have a Santa themed tree, which happens to be an upside down tree.  Can’t be too traditional all at once here.

Upside Down Christmas TreeNew the to the upside down tree world?  You can read why I love this tree here.

I bought these red ornaments a while back on sale for this tree.  I wanted to make a fun red Santa ornament.  I let the holiday stress get in the way of my plans, and these went into the closet for “when I had time”.  That was several years ago.

At first, I imagined an heirloom Santa ornament that rivaled a Faberge creation.  Then I had a moment of sanity and reminded myself that it is not a masterpiece commissioned for a royal family.  It’s a cheap red ornament for a tree.

Reminding myself it’s not a masterpiece let me actually start playing and making.  Not only do I have some for this tree, I also created enough to take care of an ornament swap I’m in!  Bonus!

Check out the video to see how to get the spray to go all around the top without moving your hands and how easy it is to make red ribbon carbon black!

Watch Create a Santa Ornament with Spray Ink and Ribbon on YouTube.

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Scribbling and Spraying Ornaments

Scribbling and spraying ornaments for a quick decoration with Carolyn DubePlain is just so…plain.  I had these glass, and easily broken, ornaments that needed a little something added to them..and it had to be quick.

Why quick? Besides my limited patience it is also December so time is even more limited than usual.

I’m using texture spray and Pico embellishers from IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukeniko.  These goodies create dimension that stuck extremely well to the ornament and make them fun to touch, once dry of course.  Didn’t prep a thing, just started playing and it all stuck!

In the video you’ll see me decorating them and I am very happy that I didn’t break any because I had to rig up a way to decorate them on camera…take a look.  It’ll all make sense when you see it.

Watch Scribbling and Spraying Ornaments on YouTube.

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Going Graffiti with Santa's Sleigh

I have decided to use it or lose it (which means donate) all the stuff I have been saving for the “right” or “perfect” idea.  This fun wooden sleigh has been in my Christmas stash for almost a decade.  It is time to use it or pass it on to someone else. My purple hat Santa needed a sleigh to match his style so I decided to leave the traditional look of a sled and go for something with a touch of graffiti.


Going Graffiti with Santa's Sleigh

I started with a coat of DecoArt’s black gesso which let me play with their interference colors.  If you haven’t used interference colors they grab the light in very cool ways (but are very tough to photograph).


In the video, I detail my way of prepping the wood…and professional wood types should not watch…then with my usual precision, I used the fluid acrylics to get all sorts of color all over the sled.

Watch Santa’s Sled Goes Graffiti Style on YouTube.

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