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Published in Somerset Gallery

Published in Somerset GalleryA big thanks to Somerset Studio Gallery for sharing some of my Growth Journal.  What’s that?  It’s where I try out all sorts of things and see what happens.  And yes…there is even brown happening in there.  I am over the moon honored to be in here with so many talented artists!



Find out all my secrets…

I had the pleasure recently of talking with Sue at Irreversibly Moi.  I think it is absolutely hilarious how my mind gets totally stuck some days.  She asked me one very hard question that I just couldn’t pull the answer out of my head.  What was the question? Nothing to do with art or creativity.  It was all about my favorite tv shows.  We also talked about how hard it is to follow rules…I know you’re shocked I have a hard time with rules…

Rumor has it there is a giveaway for a free spot in Stencil Play too…

3 Stencil Giveaways!

In celebration of my latest stencils, I’ve got 3 giveaways happening but they are closing soon.  Enter them all and there’s even a way to enter more than once! You’ll find all the details there.

Video exploring how Dylusions paints work in my art journal

Happy day! My box of Dylusions paints arrived!  I am a huge fan of Dyan Reaveley and her rainbow of colors makes my soul happy.  This is my first time using the paints and I wanted to take them out for a spin to get to know how they work for me.

Watch Getting to Know Dylusions Paints in my Art Journal on YouTube.

So after playing with them what do I think?  They are dreamy creamy.  A little paint goes a long way.  They blend extremely well. They behave well with water.  They are the perfect surface for journaling.  They are just the right balance of opacity/translucence.  Well done Dyan!

Video exploring how Dylusions paints work in my art journalSupplies Used

Video exploring how Dylusions paints work in my art journal


Inspired by Sue Pelletier and the Pipette in an art journalI’m getting addicted to the pipette…not a pipe but a pipette loaded with waterproof ink.  Who hooked me on this? Sue Pelletier with her her new book Collage, Paint, Draw!

I’ve got a new video showing the whole process…including one very silly drawing that is not like the others over at CreateMixedMedia.com