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What is the best paint for Gellii® printing?

What is the best paint for Gelli® printing?  Any acrylic paint will work and different paints behave differently.  Spoiler alert- there isn’t one paint that is best.  Why? Because it depends on what look you want as well as what paints feel most comfortable to you.

In the video, I compare 5 different acrylic paints: Golden Open Acrylic, Liquitex Heavy Body, Amesterdam, DecoArts Fluid Acrylic, and Folk Art.

What else is in there?

  • how to get rid of brayer lines
  • what impact the amount of paint has on a stenciled print
  • how 2 of the paints behave differently with a stencil

There’s lots of great information in here!

Watch What is the best paint for Gelli® printing? on YouTube.

Mixing colors on the Gelli Plate - free video and pdf cheat sheet!


Want to know more about colors and the Gelli Plate?  I’ve created a free downloadable video and pdf cheat sheet just for you when you join my free newsletter!


Gelli Play One Pull Wonders Workshop with Carolyn Dube

Ready to play with the entire rainbow all at once?  Take advantage of the hours and hours I’ve spent discovering what you can do with a Gelli Plate.  I’ve done all that experimentation so you can dive right in and make complex prints yourself with One Pull Wonders.

Once you know how it’s done, it is very easy to create layers of vibrant colors in just one easy pull.  Even if you’ve never Gelli® printed before!  And these are all techniques that I haven’t shared before!

 You can find out all about this workshop here.

Here are the supplies I used. Some of these links are affiliate links which means I get a small percentage. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and you are helping me keep this blog and my videos ad free! Thank you- I don’t like ads any more than you do!

The Prints Made During the Video

Here the 5 paints and pull number 1 and 2 made with them.  Golden Open Acrylics stay wet, or open, longer than any of the others.  This can be very handy if you live in a very dry climate or want to work slowly when printing. The others will dry out so I have all my supplies nearby so I can quickly get paper onto the wet paint.  Time is of the essence if I want to get multiple pulls.   Any paint with fluid in the name means it flows easily…it’s more fluid.  When spreading fluid paints with a brayer, it has a very different feel than a thicker, less fluid paint.  Good or bad? Depends on what feels  comfortable to you and what look you want in a print.

What is the best paint for Gellii® printing?

What type of paint you use impacts the look of your prints and so does the amount of paint.  In fact, how much paint you use makes a huge difference in the prints.   Below you can see how the same stencil (Arched Aqueducts stencil) prints when using more or less paint.  Both of these are first pulls.

What is the best paint for Gellii® printing?

The first pulls are nice, but it is the ghost prints that make me the happiest.  Serendipity at its finest.  I never know for sure what I am going to get with each print I pull off.

What is the best paint for Gellii® printing?

You can mix paints right on the Gelli® Plate, and you can mix different types of acrylic paints.

What is the best paint for Gellii® printing?

Here is the first and second pull from the Gelli® Plate using 3 different acrylic paints.  In the video, I showed how to get rid of those brayer lines if you want, however I really like how they add to my prints.  The first prints is great but the 2nd pull is where the magic is for me.

What is the best paint for Gellii® printing?

Want more Gelli Plate® fun? I have more YouTube videos waiting for you right here!


Minions and a Paintbrush

Couldn't resist painting the Minions Amazon box!

Everything is paintable in my world, including fun Amazon boxes with Minions on them!  After watching the Minion movie trailer, I am just positive Stuart would approve of me painting him and the box…right Stuart…

There are all sorts of these boxes from Amazon, with each a character and one with all 3, that I know of so far…I’m finding myself wanting more Minion boxes and wanting a complete set…This is like a Happy Meal toy for grown-ups.

With a sharp Exacto knife, I cut the box down and into pieces so I had flat, easy to work on surfaces.  I added white paint as a primer all around the cardboard.  No precision as I create lots of white space I am going to cover up.

Couldn't resist painting the Minions Amazon box!

Next it was time for the color.  Bits here and there, just having fun which I thought was quite fitting as the Minions seem to have fun where ever they go too.  I hesitated painting his clothes, but came to my senses and added more color.

Couldn't resist painting the Minions Amazon box!

But wait, there’s more! A Minions box has more than one side, so I had  another Stuart to paint!  When I started painting this one I noticed the writing on the bottom of the box.  I was completely clueless about the #minionboxes hash tag and $1000 gift card giveaway but how much fun to see all the different boxes!

Couldn't resist painting the Minions Amazon box!

I am so hoping to get more Minions!  I’ve got Stuart…now I need Bob and Kevin…

Couldn't resist painting the Minions Amazon box!

I have had so much fun doing this that the next Minion box might actually stay in tact and I’ll paint the whole thing as a fun and easy gift box!  If you haven’t seen the movie trailer yet, I’ve got at the bottom of the post.  Enjoy!

Couldn't resist painting the Minions Amazon box!



Stencil Giveaway Ends Soon!

Want to win a free stencil?

You could be one of 5 winners who will win a free  9×12 StencilGirl stencil of their choice!  I’m so grateful for all the response to the survey so far – thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas with me so I can continue to bring more of what you want to the blog!  The giveaway closes in the wee hours of late Sunday night and I’ll be emailing the winners Monday morning!

The survey should appear magically below but if it doesn’t for some unknown reason never fear!  You can find it here!  Hey that rhymes!

The survey is now closed and the 5 winners have been emailed!  Thanks to everyone who participated!