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A stenciled apron

How many people does it take to make an apron?  Well, in my case…a roomful!   
We all wanted to play together while at Art Is You in Memphis so we took Linda Willis’s class knowing it would be relaxed, comfortable, and fun because of her teaching style.  She is incredibly generous, both with her knowledge and her supplies!

Linda Willis


Person #1- The saint.  The person who knows how to make an apron, how to teach,  and how to work with  someone who is patience impaired.  That would be Linda Willis.






A stenciled apron Person #2- The person  who laughs with me and occasionally at me…and I have to say, I do deserve an occasional laughing at…Okay, that is also person 3, 4, 5, 6…the whole room was laughing as we played in class.
A stenciled apron
Person #3- The person who babysat  me to be sure I didn’t spill any of the various textile paints, mediums, and other liquids.  But it sure was fun to try out all different kinds of textile paints.


A stenciled apron Person #4- Someone who listened carefully, taking in all of Linda’s directions, then carefully ironed and stitched.  Notice I don’t have any even seams or truly straight stitching anywhere but I did have fun!


A stenciled apron


Person #5- Me- the person who did the fun work on the apron…the hard work of sewing some straight hems…
Want to see more aprons?  Well hop over to their blogs and check ‘em out!  If you haven’t stopped by Julia’s  blog yet, take a moment and leave her comment welcoming her to the world of blogging! She’s just starting her blog and I am looking forward to all the great things she’ll be creating and sharing!

Thank you Linda for a day of laughter and creative joy!  If you want to play with Linda, she will be teaching at Art is You in Stamford , Treasure Keepers and Reversible Apron.    I am teaching Meet The Crazies! in Stamford too.   Hope we can both see you there!


Playing around on an index card by Carolyn DubeDid I have a plan when I started this?  Was this carefully thought out?  If you’re a regular reader of this blog you probably already know the answer. You can find the answer to that burning question over on my guest post for CreateMixedMedia! Be sure to notice what a piece of incredible artistic skill this started out as too…just in case my sarcasm doesn’t come through in the text…there is a huge dose of it.  Check it out, you’ll understand!



My inner critic and my muse had a huge fight.  I am happy to say that my muse gave my inner critic a swift kick in the rear end!  And I got to play in my art journal!



The muse started out just inspiring me to use up leftover paints with a new stencil.  My muse is very accepting and believes play has no rules.




Then the inner critic arrived asking all sorts of questions.

  • Is it good now?
  • Should I have used another color to make it right?
  • Is that too much blue bad?
  • Are the butterflies evenly spaced so that it looks okay?
  • Did I do it right?  Did I do it right?  Did I do it right?

Wow – is my inner critic needy!  I was having such a nice time until that critic showed up.  So my muse, acting like a protective older sister, send that inner critic away!



Then I played!  Sprays and splatters of Color Bloom spray ink,  acrylic paints, Chalk Edgers, more stenciling, anything I felt like using because there are no rules when playing.






Added a touch of stitched Gelli prints on the top right, a Latin flashcard  (tantus) that was randomly picked from the big box of cards, and more pink.

In case you aren’t fluent in Latin, the word tantus means so great or so much.  Hey, wonder if that is related to tantalize…

So my muse is tantus…now who knows if I am using it correctly but she is so great for chasing that inner critic away!

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