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gelli printing

Making Rainbows on a Gel Plate thumbnail

https://youtu.be/TFbepr_2FBk Catching a glimpse of a rainbow in the sky isn’t a daily event here, so when I want to enjoy the rainbow, I create my own on a gel plate! You can use any number of colors, in any order you want, and as a bonus, it’s quick! There’s a trick to this rainbow [...]

Organizing Art Supplies thumbnail

https://youtu.be/iv2gcCaUwyQ It’s so much easier to create when you can grab what you need effortlessly. Before I stared all this stuff was just tossed on the tray. It was hunting and searching for the pen I wanted or the color of paint. And it was always on the bottom of the pile. So I decided [...]

Alcohol Inks & ArtFoamies on a Gel Plate thumbnail

https://youtu.be/0ci_JCOoDmo Stamping with ArtFoamies and alcohol inks was almost like using self inking stamps! See what I mean in the video as you see how these gel prints were made from start to finish! The ArtFoamies stamp I’m using here is Peacock Feather, the alcohol inks are a refill for Copic markers, and of course, [...]