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gel printing

Gel Printing Workshop-In Person thumbnail

When I’m gel printing and I want to subtly blend colors, in an almost Impressionistic style, there’s a medium I mix with the paint. This allows acrylic paint to behave differently and create a wide variety of levels of color blending. This is something I haven’t taught before. Not online or in person until now. [...]

How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles on a Gel plate thumbnail

https://youtu.be/CQd8T1Byoos Why do air bubbles happen to most gel plates? Because air gets trapped between a layer, like a plastic protector, and the plate. It can leave little indentations in the plate. Does this “ruin” the plate? Nope. This happens to most gel plates and in this video, I’m sharing what works for me to [...]

Monet Style Impressionistic Gel Prints thumbnail

https://youtu.be/jjrwyOqDb8Y Just about anything can become a gel printing tool! Including dish washing gloves! Yes, you read that right. Dishwashing gloves! These are scrubbing gloves which enables them to create a soft Impressionist style print. Probably not what the manufacturer intended but they do it well! I’ve got the supply list at the end of [...]