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Painting on Top of an Image Transfer thumbnail

https://youtu.be/sOG0tbVKL0k What if you could transfer a pattern, design, or image onto a stretched canvas and then paint on top of it? You can with InkAid! As part of the process, you’ll see how to seal an image transfer and give it a matte look. The InkAid process is used to transfer the image onto [...]

Making Rainbows on a Gel Plate thumbnail

https://youtu.be/TFbepr_2FBk Catching a glimpse of a rainbow in the sky isn’t a daily event here, so when I want to enjoy the rainbow, I create my own on a gel plate! You can use any number of colors, in any order you want, and as a bonus, it’s quick! There’s a trick to this rainbow [...]

This FAIL turned into a Favorite Stencil Technique! thumbnail

https://youtu.be/iyJwjD33Sks This idea, to combine stencils and image transfer was a total O.O.P.S., an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly. I thought perfect little butterflies would transfer. Nope. Not a one. In fact, it looked terrible. But, that led me to the next layer, which turned that something ugly into something so much better than I had [...]

Adding an Image Transfer to a Gel Print thumbnail

https://youtu.be/hkCJReqxgkQ Ever have a gel print that you really like but you know it needs more? That’s where I was with this print. That pink area was calling to me, so to get focal image there I used the InkAid image transfer process. Before starting, the paint on this print was completely and thoroughly dry. [...]

The Easy Way to use Rubber Stamps with Paint thumbnail

https://youtu.be/gsfZVOs-9Cs Stamping with paint is so much easier when you use a Gel Press plate. Why? Because the gel plate acts at the “ink pad” and enables you to get the fine details in the stamp using paint. As a bonus, not a drop of the paint has to be wasted! In the video you’ll [...]

Image Transfer ON Vintage Photos with InkAid thumbnail

https://youtu.be/AjiRRIyOXSA Can you do an image transfer ON a vintage photo? Absolutely! This turned out to be a great way to have fun with some of the black and white photos I’ve got that aren’t my favorite. Well, they weren’t until I put these playful pops of color on them using InkAid’s image transfer process. [...]

How to do an Image Transfer with InkAid thumbnail

https://youtu.be/tj0UAzSKv5U Being able to add an image, some fancy script, or anything else to mixed media piece is why I have been drawn to image transfers. But I’m impatient and the image transfer process has never been very successful for me, until now. I stumbled upon InkAid’s process using Transferiez solution and now I can [...]

Butterfly Wings Card thumbnail

https://youtu.be/VxEOk-Pqb_g Butterflies make for playful cards to send to friends, especially when you raise their wings as if they’re mid flight! This card is very forgiving to make, as you’ll see in the video! If you’re thinking something didn’t go as planned, you’re right! The play starts with a gel plate and my Butterfly Journeys [...]

https://youtu.be/QuZL1he4SP4 Neat and tidy coloring inside the lines isn’t something you see very often at aColorfulJourney but when I do it here, I am not really staying carefully inside the lines. But it doesn’t really show up because of what I used to add the color to this gel print! This is the print I [...]

One Layer Can Dramatically Change a Gel Print! thumbnail

https://youtu.be/Q6XwkcPg5GQ What can you do with gel prints from your stash that don’t feel finished but you’re not sure what to add next? Use a mask to add a layer! In this video, you’ll see how the prints change dramatically in just a single layer. Whether your print has a lot going on (like my [...]