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Ever try to stencil something round and smooth like a glass ornament?  It can be tough to stencil on the outside, so I found an easier way - put the pattern on the inside! Why Christmas now?  I'm playing in the Christmas in July blog hop with StencilGirl Products and Imagine Crafts with a $100 giveaway [...]

art journaling video sharing how to be inspired by an everyday pattern

I had a plan that was inspired by a pattern on the sidewalk I noticed when I was on a bike ride. It was a crazy crazy plan.  It involved precision.  Straight lines and measuring. If this was a movie, you'd hear the ominous music playing. But this isn't a scary movie, it's play inspired by the everyday, this month's Let's [...]

Art journaling tutorial sharing how she used a Gelli print for an art journal page

Precious paralysis struck while I was making this art journal page.  I was between a rock and a hard place.  I loved this background so much that I didn't want to ruin it.  But I wanted to add more to the page. Was it a bad thing that I had a bit of paralysis?  Not at all!  One could [...]

How to use seed pods for gelli printing in an art journal- video by Carolyn Dube

Inspiration can come from anywhere, including the everyday.  I have walked by the tree below for weeks noticing the abundance of seed pods but it wasn't until I was hit in the head by one of the branches that I realized how much fun they would be Gelli printing®! Yes, my muse literally hit me in [...]

How to stencil all the wrong ways in an art journal and have fun doing it!

What's always been the hardest part of creating for me? Starting.  Especially when there is a blank page involved.  I used to be stopped by thoughts such as, "Will it be good enough?" or "I don't have a good plan" or "I don't have the right supplies" or "It won't be good enough anyway". I [...]

Video tutorial sharing how to use plastic balls while gelli printing® to make colorful patterns

Cheap plastic balls are becoming pattern making tools for Gelli printing® in this week's Let's Play video!  These balls are meant for kiddie ball pits but just because they aren't supposed to be an art supply doesn't mean they can't be one! Be sure to get entered into the Let's Play $50 gift certificate giveaway by [...]

Video sharing how a toy can be used as a stencil with spray inks

Art play doesn't have to follow the rules.  If something looks like a stencil to me it doesn't matter if it was intended to be a stencil or not.  This art journal page fit perfectly with this month's Let's Play theme of turning non art supplies into art supplies! While cleaning out a closet, I found this [...]

My muse was in an A-Team kind of mood today, minus the explosions and exotic locations.  That 80's tv show followed a formula which I loved so it shouldn't surprise me that it showed up in my studio as I made this mixed media sign. Here's how most episodes of the show went: There was a problem. [...]

How to use a can of compressed air in your art journal

It turns out that I have been using a cleaning product without even realizing it!  Compressed air is sold as a way of removing dust.  Never fear, I am not going to use it for cleaning. I am going to use it for art journaling in this week's Let's Play video. Once again, an Oops (Outstanding Opportunity [...]

What do I do about critical thoughts in my head?  Do I let them rain on my play?  Those judgmental thoughts..the inner critic...gremlins...no matter what name it goes by it used to squash my play.  But it doesn't any more and I'm sharing how one word can chase those thoughts away. My inner critic shows up as a [...]