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Making Tissue Paper Words & The Shoulds thumbnail

https://youtu.be/BBVg92dSuuM When I have an art journal page that just isn’t working, even after multiple attempts, I just cover most of it up. In this case, with black paint. But what to do next with the page? That’s where tissue paper came in handy. I stenciled words onto tissue paper using my Verbage stencil. Then [...]

Transforming Ugly Papers thumbnail

https://youtu.be/sOmLtiZbc-4 Ugly papers don’t have to stay ugly! One more layer can make a big difference! Below are some brayer clean up papers from gel printing and they do not make me happy the way they are. Using the stencils from the Overlapping Shapes collection I created for StencilGirl Products, I’m going to get some [...]

Barbed Wire & Butterflies, a Stenciling Tutorial thumbnail

https://youtu.be/1g6L6iWT8sA This was a peanut butter in my chocolate situation. These two stencils were out on my table when I realized they’d work exceptionally well together. Even though I had a direction I was going, there were challenges. And all of them had to do with my impatience while art journaling. What’s the best paint [...]

https://youtu.be/jK2Mzl3Xb8g I’m so excited to be able to share the play that’s been happening with the Overlapping Shapes collection! It’s my latest release over at StencilGirl Products! These stencils can work by themselves and they can work in pairs. In the video, you saw how the Overlapping Circles Filled fit right over the Overlapping Circles. [...]

https://youtu.be/HxALbe1THcE What can you do when you want colorful fabric that’s uniquely yours? Print it on a gel plate! That’s how I made the colorful fabric that I turned into protective face masks. I never would have expected to be needing these- but if it helps keep us all safer, and this blasted virus to [...]

Tips for Repeating a Stenciled Pattern thumbnail

https://youtu.be/F1mmsLKE6WQ You can cover any size area with a repeating pattern no matter the size of the stencil. But beware, you might create a background you love so much you don’t want to cover it up. At the end I’m sharing how I handle that challenge! Start with anything. Any background you’ve got. Here I [...]

Adding Layers of Stenciling thumbnail

https://youtu.be/CDcmUsBFIlw Stencils are a great way to add layers to your art journal, or any kind of art play. One of the reasons they are so great is because of the freedom you have to use all of it or only parts of it. And they’re very helpful when things don’t go as planned! When [...]

Guest Post at StencilGirl Talk thumbnail

What do I do when I don’t know what to do? I’m sharing that along with the video showing how I made this reminder to hang on the wall not to take things so seriously. It’s all over in my guest post at StencilGirl Talk. StencilGirl Talk is the blog for StencilGirl Products where they [...]

The Silliest Thing Got Me to Like My Art Journal Page thumbnail

https://youtu.be/BJPPoDLhW5o Ever make an art journal page where you don’t like it no matter how many layers you add? Nothing seemed to work and it had a lot to do with the serious mood I was in (and it was for no particular reason). Thankfully, something unexpected snapped me out of this headspace and suddenly [...]

An Adventure of an Art Journal Page thumbnail

This art journal page was quite an adventure and along the way there were two things that became very clear. One was I should never ever under any circumstance be a cosmetic surgeon. And two, weird stories can show up in your art journal. Grab a drink and join me for a silly little adventure! [...]