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The Good Kind of Cleaning and a Hot Mess thumbnail

Cleaning and play can go hand in hand. Not house cleaning...but cleaning excess paint off stencils.  My fast and favorite way to clean off an inky or painty stencil, especially when gel printing, is by blotting it off on another surface like an art journal or in this case a wood panel. Since this is not the actual [...]

Coloring Pages for the Impatient Inspired by Matisse thumbnail

Patience is a virtue that I have not mastered, especially when coloring and pattern making. However, I really enjoy exploring colors and patterns. The solution  for me is to use a crayon rubbing and an extremely juicy "pen" that can cover a lot of area quickly hence minimal patience is required. What are stencil crayon rubbings?  You might [...]

The Good, The Bad, the Ugly…and the Hoarder thumbnail

There was a collision of the good, the bad, and the ugly in today's play as I dealt with one of my hoarding tendencies.  This canvas began long ago, and it just sat.  That is until today, when I realized the opportunity in the O.O.P.S. was to use up a hoarded treasure...one that other people might [...]

Getting Lost in the Land of What If thumbnail

What if? This is the question that I asked in my art journal today. This page went through a lot, including some very ugly layers.  Since this was what if play, it didn't matter if a layer was ugly.  It didn't matter if it had no direction. It only mattered that I asked what if. [...]

Women of the Rainbow with Scribble Sticks thumbnail

Precision is not my middle name. Happily, not a drop of precision was needed to create this art journal page of rainbow women as I played with Dina Wakley's Scribble Sticks, some stamps, and a stencil. And yes, there was an OOPS (an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly). Actually there was more than one. https://youtu.be/FNVgGNB20IA Watch [...]

A Purple Bunny Hopped Right Into My Art Journal thumbnail

What do I do when I want to play but a blank page doesn't inspire me?  I grab a Spark of Art-spiration and see where it takes me.  This Spark brought a purple bunny into the studio for another cardboard page in a Permission to Play journal. https://youtu.be/arZKvXOFOV0 Watch Starting an Art Journal Page with a [...]

Spray Painting Cardboard and Making a Mask thumbnail

The joy of going to IKEA for me is the packaging, giant pieces of cardboard.   It becomes a ridiculously long surface to art on and because it is so big, I need a way to do it quickly.  After all, patience is not one of my virtues yet.  Out come the spray paints! https://youtu.be/aPptF35BbNw Watch Spray painting with [...]

OOPS…Be Fearless

OOPS…Be Fearless thumbnail

How do I make decisions when art journaling?  Is it a scientific formula based on sound principles of physics and chemistry?   Nope.  It's based on the theory of O.O.P.S., Outstanding Opportunities Presenting Suddenly. https://youtu.be/2dTd2hRRtJY Watch Art Journal Play with Washi Tape and Stencils on YouTube. The background began as this aqua colored, very blah [...]

Art Journal Play Inspired by Matisse thumbnail

How do I find the meaning in my art journaling?  It isn't always logical.  That random "t" on the bottom of the page would lead me to Marilyn Monroe when I expected to use a Henri Matisse quote.  Along the way for bonus fun, I was able to annoy that logical left brain of mine and [...]

What are Scribble Sticks by Dina Wakley? thumbnail

What are Scribble Sticks? Inquiring minds want to know! Are they like a crayon or a colored pencil or a watercolor  or an oil pastel?  Will they work on dark colors?  Will they react to water? Will they bleed through paint?  This is what I set out to learn as I played around with Scribble Sticks [...]