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One Layer Can Dramatically Change a Gel Print! thumbnail

https://youtu.be/Q6XwkcPg5GQ What can you do with gel prints from your stash that don’t feel finished but you’re not sure what to add next? Use a mask to add a layer! In this video, you’ll see how the prints change dramatically in just a single layer. Whether your print has a lot going on (like my [...]

Stencil-rific Layers Workshop thumbnail

https://youtu.be/9i5aNBXMrh8 What’s the secret to getting gel prints full of pattern with colors that pop? Magic? Nope, but it can look like that! Maybe it even seems like you’re either good at it or you’re not but in reality anyone can do it! There’s a simple process to it and all it takes is understanding [...]

An Mini Interactive Mural thumbnail

https://youtu.be/wmlZfWAKch4 Interactive murals are those that have chalk (or markers or paint) nearby so that everyone and anyone can participate. My favorite are the big fill in the blank kinds. But that isn’t practical to create indoors, so I created mini ones. It will have the look of chalk, but there is zero chalk involved [...]

Unplanned Choices in My Art Journal thumbnail

https://youtu.be/D5SVYq38I-Q A highly efficient stenciling technique was used to start this art journal page. That’s code for an easy (or one could even say lazy) way to do it. What is the this easy way? Using a Gel Press plate. Since I was very heavy handed with the paint on the Art Nouveau stencil, that [...]

This is where it started thumbnail

This is where the play began. A random hodge podge of a mess. But this isn’t where it ended! Here’s a peek at the art journal page in progress. See what the layers turned into over on my guest post at StencilGirl Talk!

Tossed Confetti Art Journaling thumbnail

https://youtu.be/GQdbQYN_XBU Scooping up and tossing this pile of leftover bits from a gel print project entertained me for longer than I want to admit. And it inspired a bit of play in my art journal! I’m not a patient person, so check out how I got these all glued down the easy way. This could [...]

Feelings & Emotions Stencil Collection thumbnail

https://youtu.be/bt2A_f6T6M4 Art is personal and what you create is full of emotions.  All emotions, not just the happy ones. The Feelings and Emotions collection at StencilGirl Products was inspired by the rollercoaster ride this year has been and my need to be able to get a wide range of emotions honored in my play. Embedding the words [...]

Stenciled Nonsense & Altered Book Journaling thumbnail

https://youtu.be/Jv_hNDqisUQ You’ll see my pen struggles, my OOPS stenciling, and a surprising message that came about on the page as I add more layers to an altered book journal. And you’ll see the cost of my impatience, that I don’t mind one bit. The stenciling began by going up and down, the best way to [...]

Having Faith through the Ugly Layers & OOPSies thumbnail

https://youtu.be/ZRyWzh15srU There was a plan in my head when this began and it didn’t take long before the plan was abandoned. Generally, when things don’t go as planned, they turn out way better than I was expecting but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some rough moments along the way. Those rough and ugly moments [...]

A Colorful Crayon Rubbing with a Stencil thumbnail

https://youtu.be/FCOnC8ZEwKc Stencils make great textures for a crayon rubbing. If you did the leaf rubbings as a kid in school, it’s the exact same idea, just with a stencil! Start by placing a piece of tissue paper on top of your stencil. I’m using my Words to Live By stencil. Next, use a crayon to [...]