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StencilGirl Sale Monday Only!

The biggest sale of the year at StencilGirl Products is today!  If you've already fallen in love with stencils, you've probably stopped reading this blog post to headed over to the sale already. If you're new to stencils, you might be wondering how to use them or what you can do with them.  The possibilities are [...]

Art journaling is all about play for me.  No pressure. No demands.  Just play. This started with a random background that I actually began during my Stencil Play Workshop.  I have bits and pieces of leftovers collaged randomly on the pages.  They go together if you are willing to let your imagination stretch...     [...]

Playing around layering spray paints and a stencil to create patterned papers

There isn't enough space in my studio.  A common problem for me since I seem to collect all sorts of things.  To remedy this situation, I have given myself a deadline to use it or lose it.  Whatever spray paints from a long ignored drawer I don't use up today, get donated to a local art [...]

Yes, You Can Cut Your Stencils!

I wanted a tall tree with full branches of wonderful leaves in my art journal.  But I didn't have that- or did I?  I made some surgical "adjustments" to the Branching Blossoms stencil to get the look I was after.  I used scissors and the very fancy tool called an index card. Why did I [...]

Playing with Traci Bautista’s New Stencils! thumbnail

    It's no secret that I love circles and so I was eager to play with  Traci Bautista's new Circle Circle stencil for this blog hop!  There's lots of inspiration happening here so be sure to check them all out (and of course, get in on the giveaways!) http://youtu.be/BllV2RUOHXg Watch Playing with Traci Batista's stencil in my art [...]

A Painted Deli Paper Birthday Card thumbnail

I needed a birthday card and I just wanted to play in my studio.  So, how can I do both?  By making an oversized card myself!   A great bonus of making the card, I was both happy when I made it and happy when I gave it. I used things like Deli Paper and [...]

Spray Paint, Stencils, and an Overspray Oops thumbnail

It's summertime here.  Kids think of the pool.  I think of spray painting outside. As I brought my Liquitex spray paints out to the picnic table, I knew there was going to be an Oops.  There always is with me.  The Oops today was a gift that let me see overspray in a new way.     I covered [...]

Color Bloom Spray Inks Did Something Wonderful thumbnail

I'm a big fan of spray inks and when there is a new one I have to try it out.  I bought some Color Bloom spray inks and started playing.  They sprayed fine. The big handle was easy to use. They had some shimmer.  But there was one way they were far superior to other spray inks I've [...]

My Knock Down, Drag Out  Battle for White Space thumbnail

    My battle for white space continues.  I love the look of white space but color is my addiction.  This was a knock down drag out fight between color and white space.       Round One Goes to Color It isn't glamorous but it is a place loaded with color to start!  This [...]

    I had a blank canvas in front of me and I just could not make a decision on how to begin. Paint or spray ink or watercolors?  Stencil or collage or sketch?  Blue or green or purple? The questions just kept coming.  I was completely in my head.  Frozen. Not a decision could [...]