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Gelli Plate

Recycling Caps and Lids into a Gel Printing Tool thumbnail

Why do I get so excited about caps and lids that are about to be thrown away?  It's not because it means everyone has been taking their vitamins. Although that is a good thing.   It is because caps are perfectly round and come in a variety of sizes to make an easy pattern tool for [...]

Print it. Make it. Love it. Gel printing retreat with Carolyn Dube and Kari McKnight Holbrook

Imagine an artful weekend of gel printing loaded with techniques and projects all while being pampered...a private room,scrumptious homemade meals and freedom to work at your own pace! Cozing up by the fire laughing and playing, pouring a glass of wine and having a quiet conversation, or enjoy the walking trails and labyrinth. That is [...]

Spinning Rainbows on the Gel Plate thumbnail

Since I don't get to see rainbows in the sky that often, I am always happy to make them in the studio. Warning: this is a colorfully hypnotic way to spend an afternoon watching the rainbow spin round and round on the Gel Press plate!  And yes, I most definitely loved Spin Art as a kid...and [...]

Using Pasta for Gel Printing

Using Pasta for Gel Printing thumbnail

Going to the grocery store isn't just for cooking, it is for gel printing too!  Bucatini, a pasta that is part spaghetti and part drinking straw, makes the most wonderful textures on a Gel Press printing plate. https://youtu.be/jUtG9DJTs3E Watch Using Pasta for Gel Printing on YouTube.  If you're new to gel printing, there's a getting started [...]

OOPS…Be Fearless

OOPS…Be Fearless thumbnail

How do I make decisions when art journaling?  Is it a scientific formula based on sound principles of physics and chemistry?   Nope.  It's based on the theory of O.O.P.S., Outstanding Opportunities Presenting Suddenly. https://youtu.be/2dTd2hRRtJY Watch Art Journal Play with Washi Tape and Stencils on YouTube. The background began as this aqua colored, very blah [...]

Gel Printing with Impressables and the Rainbow thumbnail

What happens when a few colors are added to an Impressable Gel Press plate?  FUN!  Jen Starr Studio's design, Repeat Circles, with Dylusions paints created a stack of rainbowed circle prints!  And yes, rainbow should be a verb! https://youtu.be/u4Idwk1RYPg Watch Making rainbow circles with the Impressable Gel Press Plate on YouTube. The Impressables Gel Press plate has a [...]

Letting Myself Get Lost in my Art Journal thumbnail

Knowing where you are going can be overrated.  Granted, if you are an airplane pilot, it is critical you know where you are going.   But I'm not flying a plane, I am playing in an art journal wandering around without any clear plan. It all began by gluing down some pieces and parts.  One is [...]

The Gel Printed Matisse Grid with my Geometry Fail thumbnail

OOPS! The plan was to build the grid with 3 colors by having each color in each row and no color touching itself.  I thought it was a solid plan. It wasn't, since after row #2, I was backed into a corner.  Okay, that sounds a bit dramatic but for a fleeting second that is [...]

New Workshops at Artiscape!

Excited to be returning to Artiscape this April in Columbus, Ohio.  I always have a blast, both in class and out of class, laughing, playing, and being around all the creative energy.  What am I teaching? Check it out below! Dirty Little Secrets of Gel Printing April 29th How do you get those amazing prints that [...]

The CHA Adventures

The CHA Adventures thumbnail

What happens at CHA doesn't stay at CHA!  I had this grand plan of sharing photos all weekend long and of visiting all the booths.  After all CHA looks like one big party on social media...which it is, but not disco lights and loud music. The party was all about finding creative fun people around every corner. [...]