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Gelli Plate

Building an art journal page with PanPastels is instant gratification.   No pesky waiting for the color dry.  But how do I seal PanPastels so they don't smear and can pass a white glove test?  One way is with a gel printing plate! In the video, you'll see how I built this steampunk page by combining pieces and [...]

Upcyling a Paperbag and Going Big with a Gel Plate thumbnail

How big of a print can you make with a little gel plate?  As big as the paper (or whatever you are printing on)!  This almost 4 foot long print was made with the 3x5, the 6x6, and the 4" round Gel Press printing plates! Just printing over and over on the paper with the 3 [...]

I Actually Used Brown Paint!

Brown.  I used brown.  Lots of brown.  Why?  Because No Expectations is the theme for this month's Let's Play videos.  Having no expectation is easier said than done but one way I can do that is by doing something I know will be ugly to me.  Hence the brown. Technically, I still have an expectation, it is [...]

Gel printing with stencils tutorial sharing how to build up layers in an art journal by Carolyn Dube

Control is a creativity killer for me.  My left brain likes control, which is quite helpful in some areas of my life, but not when it comes to art and play. Letting go of control is easier said than done but I have found ways to help myself do it. One way is by using a tool or [...]

How to use seed pods for gelli printing in an art journal- video by Carolyn Dube

Inspiration can come from anywhere, including the everyday.  I have walked by the tree below for weeks noticing the abundance of seed pods but it wasn't until I was hit in the head by one of the branches that I realized how much fun they would be Gelli printing®! Yes, my muse literally hit me in [...]

Video tutorial sharing how to use plastic balls while gelli printing® to make colorful patterns

Cheap plastic balls are becoming pattern making tools for Gelli printing® in this week's Let's Play video!  These balls are meant for kiddie ball pits but just because they aren't supposed to be an art supply doesn't mean they can't be one! Be sure to get entered into the Let's Play $50 gift certificate giveaway by [...]

What do I do about critical thoughts in my head?  Do I let them rain on my play?  Those judgmental thoughts..the inner critic...gremlins...no matter what name it goes by it used to squash my play.  But it doesn't any more and I'm sharing how one word can chase those thoughts away. My inner critic shows up as a [...]

How to use a spinning Gelli Plate® to make colorful prints…I was mesmerized by the spinning colors!

What happened when I put a round Gelli Plate® on a rotating cake stand? Hypnotic colors spinning round and round that resulted in a stack of playful prints for this week's Let's Play video! How does this help me play?  There is no wrong way to do this so the pressure is off! After all there is [...]

Video tutorial using supplies from the hardware store with a Gelli Plate® in an art journal for the Let’s Play link party

The punchinella that I found at the hardware store for this week's Let's Play video and link party isn't officially punchinella but it sure works like it.  Punchinella is the leftover part when sequins are manufactured.  Usually mylar and shiny.  But I actually prefer this drywall tape to official punchinella. Why do I like it better? [...]

Video sharing how to use mesh from the hardware store as a texture tool on the Gelli plate®  to create a background for a very silly art journal page for this week’s Let’s Play link party by Carolyn Dube

Play: Mission Impossible or Mission Possible?  2016's Let's Play is all about sharing how I have learned to play so I chose to accept the mission from the muse! This week's Let's Play video, I found an art supply at the hardware store, Mesh Drywall tape. How does the hardware store help me play?  There is [...]