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Gelli Plate

What’s the Purpose of Making Art? thumbnail

https://youtu.be/sJmt1sSiAtc A question I’ve been asked repeatedly over the years is, “What do you do with it?” The it being an art journal or a stack of gel prints or ATCs. This question can be taken two ways. It can be meant in the spirit of what’s the next step in the process or it [...]

Gel Printing with Corn thumbnail

https://youtu.be/UNhzUf9gX2U Can you use an ear of corn for gel printing? Why not! Anything I am willing to get paint on if fair game when it comes to printing! Just brush on the paint and roll it on the plate! Using something natural, like a dried ear of corn, creates an organic pattern on the [...]

Building a Collage of Patterns on a Gel Plate thumbnail

https://youtu.be/OQuPhq-XhDE What happens when I see incredible wrought iron while in Savannah, Georgia? I get the urge to grab a gel plate and make prints right there! The curves in the ironwork, the details mounted on those windows, it all just screamed gel print with me! But there are some impracticalities with this. First, I [...]

A Surprise Hardware Store Gel Printing Tool! thumbnail

https://youtu.be/q0IZCy1DuGw Yup, I’ve been trolling the hardware store for printing goodies again! The moment I saw these shapes I knew I had to try them on a Gel Press plate! I was blown away by the prints these made and with just one layer! What are these pieces of wood that I’m using called? No [...]

Gel Printing Holiday Cards thumbnail

https://youtu.be/iuptxdX8U2M Need a quick holiday card? Grab a stencil, some paints and your gel plate! The stencil I’m using is from StencilGirl Products. I’m using the tree, but this technique will work with any open shape for any season or holiday! Here are the supplies used. Some of these links may be affiliate links which [...]

Gel Printing & Takeout Containers thumbnail

https://youtu.be/1nBL9rrzSXg Anything can be used to make patterns and texture in gel prints! This play is courtesy of not wanting to cook dinner and getting takeout. The cardboard/paper container is what is making all this pattern! In the video I share how to do it with 1, 2 or 3 colors of paint and using [...]

My Favorite Paints thumbnail

Choosing the paint that is right for you is a very personal decision. It is all about what colors you enjoy, how they feel when you use them, and what’s in the budget. Below are the paints I reach for most often, my tried and trues. Is this every brand and type of paint I [...]

Turning a Paint Roller into Gel Printing Tool thumbnail

https://youtu.be/Nh3zEiniB_8 An interchangeable rolling pattern making tool for gel printing? That you can put any pattern on? YES! Just a paint roller and some PVC pipe! If you can stick it on the tube, you can make a print with it! I’m sharing what you need to know to create these, because there were a [...]

Sublimation Paint on a Gel Plate Tutorial thumbnail

https://youtu.be/HZS6NkBDJ2E Take a gel print and fuse it into fabric? You can with sublimation paint by Artesprix and a Gel Press plate! The image isn’t painted onto the pencil bag, it’s permanently fused into the fabric! The very fancy pattern making tool I’m using to create the print is a dryer vent from the hardware [...]

The Artful Holiday thumbnail

I used to take holidays for granted. I assumed we’d all get together just like we always had, the biggest challenge getting schedules to line up and setting times that worked for everyone. Then covid changed all that. Now that family and friend gatherings are happening again, I never ever want to take them for [...]