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Reflecting Rainbows

Building a Stenciled Pattern thumbnail

https://youtu.be/XTD1OqX33u8 One stencil can create more than one look! In this video, I’m sharing how to create a scalloped look using my Rows of Reflecting Rainbows stencil. Once you know how to build the pattern, you can make it any size you want. Just a couple of rows makes a great border or edging. Fill [...]

A Rainbow Stencil That Masks Itself thumbnail

https://youtu.be/oHoQgpY0mkM There’s a secret to the Reflecting Rainbows stencil. Each half is a mask for the other half with just a flip of the stencil. How does that work? It’s easier to see than read, so in the video, I’m sharing how I build a rainbow. Plus, there’s something that took me surprise about that [...]