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Why I love it when Dylusions paints get thick!

The colors I use most often of the Dylusions paints have become thicker right in the jar.  We can talk about all the possible reasons the water evaporates but the biggest one is I leave the lids off for extended periods of time.  I'm working on getting better about it...but if I never get better about it...my life [...]

Video showing how to use a stencil to make word pebbles with Gelli printed® papers for the Let’s Play link party

What's the theme for this month's Let's Play videos?  It's all about giving neglected supplies some love.  I've bought things, enjoyed them, and then somehow they just end up in the bottom of a drawer for a very long time. But before we get to the play...A great big congratulations to Clemencia who won January's giveaway [...]

The most horrible looking start to an art journal page didn’t matter at all thanks to being able to add layers!

  While flipping through my art journals to find a page to play with today, I landed on one that was horrifically ugly in my eyes.  I could have cringed in horror when I saw the page.  I could have ripped it out and thrown it away.  I could have hidden the journal and never looked at [...]

Video full of tips and tricks for Gelli printing® as she uses the round plates in an art journal with a round stencil!

Put a Gelli Plate® and a stencil in my hands and I just can't stop playing!  This was supposed to be just one page..or that was my plan..but I didn't want to stop...so it became 2 pages of play! Today, I'm not the only one playing around, so is Mary Beth Shaw over at StencilGirl [...]

Video showing how the layers built up with gelli printing® and mask on a paper bag for the Let’s Play link party

What's the play for this Tuesday? It's a grocery bag!  I'm using something I would have thrown away as my canvas for a little Gelli Plate® and stencil mask play. Technically this wouldn't have been thrown away...it would have been recycled the traditional way. The "rules" for the Let's Play link parties are open to interpretation... [...]

Video sharing how to upcycle an old picture frame mixed media style

 For this week's Let's Play link party, I'm upcycling an old picture frame, mixed media style!  This frame had no glass in it...no photos...and the backs were missing.  Why was I keeping it?  No idea but it was either time to get rid of it or add some color to it!   So how does [...]

New Video and Stencil Giveaway!

A new stencil release means a giveaway!  One random winner will receive my 5 latest releases and my DVD, Breaking the Rules! Beyond Stenciling Techniques - and yes, international is eligible too!  I've heard from lots of people they have already ordered some of these, so if you win and you've already got one you can [...]

Video of colorful scribbling, used as her morning pages, is transformed with a butterfly stencil and paint.

What inspired my art play today?  Aggravation...not the game...the emotion.  Thank goodness for Julia Cameron and her morning pages from The Artist's Way so I could get it all out of my system! I have used Morning Pages to write, on paper with lines and an ink pen, what I'm feeling, thinking, etc. without worrying about grammar, punctuation, spelling, [...]

Rediscover How to Play in 2016

Why Art and Play are so important for adults!

Why  is play important?  Why is happiness important? They are the same question to me. If we talk about kids, most would agree it is necessary for children to play.  It plays a significant role in how they develop socially, their physical well being, and cognitive development.  But why is it just good for kids? [...]

Making  your own calligraphy nib out of cardboard for Star Wars inspired art journaling

  I didn't have what I needed...so I used what I had around to create it!  I felt a little like McGyver when the idea popped into my head to make a flat calligraphy dip pen just so I could write Star Wars in my art journal for this week's Let's Play link party. I'm [...]