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Gelli Plate

Video using reverse alphabet stamps for Gelli printing-

  Want to print words on a Gelli® print?  If you've ever tried it, you might have learned the way I did...with a great big Oops!  Text is reversed on a Gelli print®.  If you're using a stencil with words that just means flip the stencil over. But what if you want stamped words.  Stamps don't flip [...]

"What can do you do with all the prints you make with a Gelli Plate®?" is something I get asked often.  Anything that I use paper for I can use Gelli prints®.  That is just what I did as I created some fun library pocket holders with a new Sizzix die. I grabbed a whole bunch [...]

The Art Journaled Pumpkin

Video showing to art journal a pumpkin for Halloween- bright and happy rainbow colors!

It's that time of year when people I know love to carve up a pumpkin.  It probably won't shock you to know that I'd rather paint a pumpkin than carve it.  While they carved, I used paint to create a background on my pumpkin, just like I would if I was creating a background in [...]

What happens when Carolyn Dube listens to happy 70’s music while art journaling?  Check out the video!

I was under the influence of the 70's while I made this art journal spread.  The music was blaring and my muse stopped by to spark my play by making this floral Gelli print® call to me from a stack of prints. If you've ever used a Gelli Plate®, you know how easy it is to [...]

Carolyn is sharing how she went step by step  from loving her art journal page to hating it and back again to loving it.

I loved it...then I hated it...my mood toward this art journal page was swinging from one extreme to another with each layer.   Wild extremes that happened in a second.  I love when this happens because it was such a fun ride my muse took me on today! It started with a layer I loved.  I [...]

Workshops at Simply Said Stamps

I am playing...I mean teaching...2 workshops at Simply Said Stamps in Loveland, Ohio. Both are happening on Saturday, Oct. 24th.  I'm keeping the classes small, just 8 total spots for the Jumping into Gelli Printing® with Stencils and only 12 for Creating Playful Layers with Stencils. Here are the details of each workshop.  Just click on [...]

Gelli Printing® Shenanigans!

After taking a solemn oath of OOPS, 20 brave women embarked on a day of play in Gelli® Printing: Easy as 1-2-3.   The workshop was held inside a spacious and inviting old home at the Arts Alliance in Mason, Ohio. These women were more than just willing to play, they were a blast!  Lots and [...]

It was just going to be a few prints.  That's what I told myself.  And then it happened.  I couldn't stop.  I didn't want to stop!  All I had planned to do was get things packed for my upcoming workshop, Gelli® Printing Easy as 1-2-3 in Mason, Ohio.  Just thinking about the 3 steps to making [...]

She made a video sharing how to create this stenciled page and cheat with a stabilo pencil when drawing!

What is that dark place for me? It's when fear is in control and sets off a tornado of emotions in my head.  Emotions like anxiety, sadness, anger, and shame.  Shame really likes to hang out with fear.  One of the best ways I have found for myself to quiet that storm and climb out of [...]

Gelli Printing® on Brown Bags

A Gelli Plate® and stencils make plain brown bags colorful goodie bags

The Gelli Plate® turned plain brown lunch bags into colorful goodie bags for my upcoming workshops at Stampaway. I played with some of new stencils that were just released from StencilGirl - and I'm giving a set of them away.  You can get entered to win here. I just went to town with all sorts [...]