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The holidays have arrived faster than I realized...and I am running late getting my nephew's advent calendar together.  The fact that I have zero holiday wrapping paper isn't a problem because I am going to make my own.  But I needed to get this mailed out yesterday...so I need to get lots of wrapping paper [...]

Video by Carolyn Dube showing her play in her art journal from the start including how she found inspiration for the different layers and steps from napkin collaging, stenciling, found poetry, and more!

It's Tuesday and that means a new Let's Play link party for all of us to share what we've been creating!  What play have I been up to?  I've been making a plan and then not following it.  The plan came about while I was checking out the all the fun stuff shared in last week's [...]

Let’s Play, a Weekly Link Party

Let’s Play, a link party where you can be inspired and be inspiring!

"Can I go over to Christi's house?"  "Can Maria come over?" As a kid, I was always asking to go to a friends house or to have a friend or two come over. Now I am an adult and I still want to play!  So I am interrupting my grown up day for a little play! [...]

Video from Carolyn sharing how she uses the fineliner to write on wet paint and rough surfaces!

I am absolutely addicted to the fineline applicator. Why? Because it lets me write on just about anything in any color I want.  The way the tip is designed, it doesn't clog which is critical for me because I am not willing to clean.  Not one of these has clogged on me yet.  Beth Figiel [...]

Video using reverse alphabet stamps for Gelli printing-

  Want to print words on a Gelli® print?  If you've ever tried it, you might have learned the way I did...with a great big Oops!  Text is reversed on a Gelli print®.  If you're using a stencil with words that just means flip the stencil over. But what if you want stamped words.  Stamps don't flip [...]

The Art Journaled Pumpkin

Video showing to art journal a pumpkin for Halloween- bright and happy rainbow colors!

It's that time of year when people I know love to carve up a pumpkin.  It probably won't shock you to know that I'd rather paint a pumpkin than carve it.  While they carved, I used paint to create a background on my pumpkin, just like I would if I was creating a background in [...]

What I Learned Painting a Pumpkin

What I learned painting pumpkins…and how ended up just using spray inks on them.

3 things I learned about painting pumpkins this season all came from Oopsies.  I had planned to paint each pumpkin a color of rainbow and add some details.  It did not go as planned at all!  In the video, you'll see how these happy pumpkins became drippy layers of color fun. https://youtu.be/ejum9nsJLmA Watch  What I Learned Painting a Pumpkin [...]

How I use art play to help me  chase away stress in this quick video!

50 things to do.  Time to only do 20 and the energy to do 3.  Ever have a day like that? It was the kind of day where I hear I can't a lot in my head thanks to a very unhelpful voice.    Hearing I can't is my signal to me that I need some art [...]

She’s got a video showing a fun way to use up every last drop of paint in the tube!

Guess what I did with my empty tubes of paint...I put water in them. Something simple that led to a whole lot of play.   This created a very very watery paint in the tubes which was just perfect for squirting, flinging, and dripping.  On a sunny afternoon I headed outside and made colorful splots [...]

Nothing to Sneeze at…

This art journal page is nothing to sneeze at...because I did all the sneezing last week which led me to use an entire box of tissues...which is where I grabbed that great piece of pattern that started the whole page.  I've got the entire process...well not the sneezing...in a video and guest post on Julie [...]