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She’s got a video showing a fun way to use up every last drop of paint in the tube!

Guess what I did with my empty tubes of paint...I put water in them. Something simple that led to a whole lot of play.   This created a very very watery paint in the tubes which was just perfect for squirting, flinging, and dripping.  On a sunny afternoon I headed outside and made colorful splots [...]

Nothing to Sneeze at…

This art journal page is nothing to sneeze at...because I did all the sneezing last week which led me to use an entire box of tissues...which is where I grabbed that great piece of pattern that started the whole page.  I've got the entire process...well not the sneezing...in a video and guest post on Julie [...]

What happens when Carolyn Dube listens to happy 70’s music while art journaling?  Check out the video!

I was under the influence of the 70's while I made this art journal spread.  The music was blaring and my muse stopped by to spark my play by making this floral Gelli print® call to me from a stack of prints. If you've ever used a Gelli Plate®, you know how easy it is to [...]

Spin Art with the Groove Tool

It spun around so I thought the Groove Tool just might work for some easy spin art and I was right!  Check out the video how to do this!

Want to feel like a kid again?  Making spin art takes me right back to when I was a kid.  After getting a spin art machine, I would get paint all over the place as the machine whirled the paper around.  Guess that is why Mom always sent me outside to do it.  Hours were spent mesmerized by [...]

When I was invited to try out the Groove from Art-C for the blog hop with StencilGirl, I didn't know what to expect.  I must admit I was a bit skeptical and wondered if it was something for me.  Turns out, it is exactly the kind of thing I like to use.  It's easy to [...]

What's the play for today?  I'm going mixed media card making today with goodies from  USArtQuest  and StencilGirl Products for a blog hop! You probably know that blog hop means giveaway so be sure to check out the details at the end. In the video, you see me make the very careful and precise background with the Perfect [...]

She shows how with just a twist of the stencil, it creates a whole different look in the video – so easy!

A stencil is a tool, just like a paint brush is a tool.  That is one of the many reasons why I love stencils more and more each time I play with them.  How you hold a paintbrush influences the type of mark you make on your paper.  How you position your stencil influences the [...]

So it turns out when a product comes with a lid on it, you should put said lid back on when finished using it.  You guessed it...I did not do that and shockingly it dried out!  So dried out that absolutely no artful CPR in the world was going to save it. Did I freak out? [...]

Carolyn’s muse is showing her who is boss by making her show some restraint as she uses Craft Attitude and stencils on a Gelli print®!

I was smitten with a piece of my clean up paper while Gelli Printing®.  It was just where I cleaned off my brayer but I couldn't stop looking at it.  I had to make an art journal page with it.  It was the perfect place for me to do lots and lots to it!  Lots [...]

Carolyn plays with VerDay paint and patina to turn paper into old rusted pattern with a stencil in a fun video

What do you need to turn paper into metal?  VerDay paint!  This stuff is fantastic for creating a patina of old metal on anything you can paint. In the video you'll see my explorations and how I turned the rusted paper into a quick card. TenSecondsStudio sent several of these sets out for the StencilGirl team [...]