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So it turns out when a product comes with a lid on it, you should put said lid back on when finished using it.  You guessed it...I did not do that and shockingly it dried out!  So dried out that absolutely no artful CPR in the world was going to save it. Did I freak out? [...]

Carolyn’s muse is showing her who is boss by making her show some restraint as she uses Craft Attitude and stencils on a Gelli print®!

I was smitten with a piece of my clean up paper while Gelli Printing®.  It was just where I cleaned off my brayer but I couldn't stop looking at it.  I had to make an art journal page with it.  It was the perfect place for me to do lots and lots to it!  Lots [...]

Carolyn plays with VerDay paint and patina to turn paper into old rusted pattern with a stencil in a fun video

What do you need to turn paper into metal?  VerDay paint!  This stuff is fantastic for creating a patina of old metal on anything you can paint. In the video you'll see my explorations and how I turned the rusted paper into a quick card. TenSecondsStudio sent several of these sets out for the StencilGirl team [...]

Great video showing how to seal PanPastels and how to use them with stencils in an art journal!

 After a day of play with one of my new stencils from StencilGirl, the ladders were left out on my counter. It's a very good thing I didn't put them away because when I saw them on their sides, suddenly I saw fences.  So out came the PanPastels for fence play...would this be called fencing? This play transported me [...]

She made a video sharing how to create this stenciled page and cheat with a stabilo pencil when drawing!

What is that dark place for me? It's when fear is in control and sets off a tornado of emotions in my head.  Emotions like anxiety, sadness, anger, and shame.  Shame really likes to hang out with fear.  One of the best ways I have found for myself to quiet that storm and climb out of [...]

A fun video showing how to stencil using  Dylusions paints and a mod looking circle stencil from StencilGirl and Carolyn Dube

 Layering stencils have been on my mind and what's on my mind ends up in my journals.  You might have seen my latest layering stencils that have 2 patterns on each stencil.  Solar System is not one of those...but I ended up layering it anyway. (Be sure to check out the giveaway here!) If you've been [...]

The spray inks that I used for today's play should have been in a museum.  They have to be at least 10 years old.  That makes it a vintage supply in my world. And these Luminarte spray inks still worked just as well as they did when I bought them. If you've ever had spray inks, you [...]

5 New Stencils Giveaway!

New stencil release and giveaway!

So excited to share what I've been up to in my secret lab.  Okay, I don't have a secret lab...I have an art studio.  But I do have 5 new stencils at StencilGirl! I have been experimenting away on designs, creating more layering patterns and a few others that just escaped from my head like [...]

It’s Time for a Change

It's time for a change.  It's been over 2 years of monthly Colorful Gelli Print® Parties. What fun it has been but its time has come.  Now don't worry, I'm not stopping my Gelli® printing play!  There will still be videos and blog posts with that little tool of joy.  It just won't be on [...]

Old paint lids become an upcycled tool for making patterns for Gelli printing®! Lots of info in the video!

This is a technological marvel that involved intense engineering to create a pattern making tool for the Gelli Plate®.  Okay...no engineering...just gluing.  It might not be fancy technology but it is just as much fun when it comes time to make a pattern! I repurposed old paint lids and cardboard then let myself build up layers on [...]