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Art Journaling

Video using baby wipes and a stencil in my art journal

I'm about to say something surprising...I'm giving away one of my new stencils and the details are below.  But that isn't what surprised me.   Brown...I used brown.  Are you surprised?  I know I am!  And...get this...I apparently liked it so much that I had to wipe off the paint way more than I ever expected.  [...]

Stencils are versatile.  Why? Because you can use them how you like.  Use the whole thing at once or use bits and pieces of it. That flexibility is what keeps me using stencils over and over and over.  I'm sharing the fun by giving away one of my new stencils too!  Be sure to keep [...]

Video of a pipette and India ink art journal page inspired by Sue Pelletier’s book

Sue Pelletier has created a fabulous book full of inspiring eye candy in a rainbow of happy colors!  Now, I might be biased...but not because she used one of my stencils (which is loaded with texture and text joy on p. 17) but because she is an encourager of creativity with a laugh out loud sense of fun! It [...]

This month's Colorful Gelli Print Party is brought to you by a party...party fork that is!  One of the many reasons I love the Gelli Plate® is that you can use just about anything with it, including a plastic fork to create quick texture. I'm also mixing the Deco Arts fluid acrylics right on the 4" [...]

I'm popping up in all sorts of places lately....I've just wrapped up filming 4 videos with Northlight and I'll be sharing all the little secrets like who scared me the most next week on the blog.  And I'll have a few extra stories from it just for my newsletter friends.  If you don't want to miss [...]

What was suddenly threatened?  My play.  My joy.  My creativity.  What was threatening all this?  Me. I was getting in my own way.  I was stuck in my head.   To get out of my head, I started to play.  This was all scraps assembled with no purpose in mind. At least that is what [...]

Do you ever see something in an art journal page and no matter what you can't un-see it?  I didn't want to see this.  I tried to ignore it.  This was one persistent tree...sort of like the one that keeps growing right in the middle of my garden...   Here's the messy, going nowhere, art journal page [...]

You Can Never Lose True North

Video of an art journal page that reminded me of a very important message

Art journaling has such power for me.  Why? Because sometimes it reminds me of important messages from time to time. And that is exactly what happened today. Notice her chin.  There's no paint there and that is rather unusual since this was a print from a fully loaded Gelli Plate.  And then I stamped right over [...]

Doodling 2 Different Ways

Doodling, impatiently and quickly in an art journal

Maria McGuire has spent hours and hours and more hours doodling, tangling, and drawing.  I, not so much.  She has, what seems to me, infinite patterns in her mind at all times.  I, not so much.  She is very generous and even took the time to teach me the joys of doodling.  It was like 2 friends [...]

Video showing what a round Gelli Plate can do -so many many things!

Would the 6" round Gelli Plate be much different than the big one? I wondered...I wasn't sure until I played with it.  It is different! The size feels so different than the 8" plate.  And thanks to the size, what I could do with it in my art journal blew my mind.  Take a peek at [...]