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Carolyn Dube

Filling the Holidays with Heart

Filling the Holidays with Heart

As you celebrate this season, please be patient with those who are in pain.  Those who are hurting in ways you can see and ways you can't see. This season I've been visiting hospitals for friends and family.  The bravery, the pain, the struggle, and the triumph is all to clear on the faces. But that [...]

Ditching the stress for more play with stenciled stockings!

This is like an inner critic with enough family baggage to fill a cruise ship.  Over the years, I have tolerated that voice and let it suck so much joy away. It is not going to be a masterpiece.  It is going to be done. It is not going to be perfect.  It is going to [...]

A Touch of  Mixed Media  for a Santa Ornament by Carolyn Dube

I'm going traditional with this Santa inspired ornament.  Why so traditional?  Because I have a Santa themed tree, which happens to be an upside down tree.  Can't be too traditional all at once here. New the to the upside down tree world?  You can read why I love this tree here. I bought these red [...]

Scribbling and Spraying Ornaments

Scribbling and spraying ornaments for a quick decoration

Plain is just so...plain.  I had these glass, and easily broken, ornaments that needed a little something added to them..and it had to be quick. Why quick? Besides my limited patience it is also December so time is even more limited than usual. I'm using texture spray and Pico embellishers from IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukeniko.  These goodies create dimension [...]

Going graffiti with Santa’s sleigh

I have decided to use it or lose it (which means donate) all the stuff I have been saving for the "right" or "perfect" idea.  This fun wooden sleigh has been in my Christmas stash for almost a decade.  It is time to use it or pass it on to someone else. My purple hat [...]

Sealing PanPastels for mixed media projects

I adore PanPastels and what they do.  Since they are a pastel they need to be fixed or sealed in order to stay put, especially when I add layers on top of them.  When I say I add layers on top what I mean is I like to flood it with spray inks, brush paint [...]

The Art is Talking to Me Again

When I create, the art starts to talk to me.  As I added the deli paper words to this mixed media canvas, I found it very telling that the only word to not go down "properly", "correctly", or "perfectly" of these 3 was dare. Dare is a strong word to me...Dare to try.  Dare to [...]

Gelli Printing on Ornaments

Gelli Printing on Ornaments thumbnail

Printing on Ornaments

  For this month's Colorful Gelli Print Party I'm taking some plain ornaments from boring to rainbow thanks to the Gelli Plate!  In just a few minutes and in only 2 layers, it looks like there was a lot more work put into these sleds I found buried in the back of a closet.   [...]

Winner Winner Turkey Dinner

Thank you doesn't begin to cover what I feel from my head to my toes.   I am so grateful for each and every one of you! I've got the 6 winners here and I'm about to get my turkey dinner ready for Thanksgiving here in the US.  During the meal my family focuses on what [...]

Published in Cloth Paper Scissors and a Video! thumbnail

I've got a new video today over at CreateMixedMedia.com for my latest guest post.  This video was filmed a few months ago.  Why so long? Because I had to send off my art journal page in time to the great people at Cloth Papers Scissors to be included in their 10th anniversary issue! The article, [...]