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Carolyn Dube

I just couldn’t help but paint my picnic table with paint and stencils

Art journaling doesn't have to just happen in an art journal.  It can happen on say...a picnic table.  It's the same type of play, just on a bigger scale and I still consider it art journaling. It all started with the yellow picnic table.  Notice the spray paint over spray on there?  That was an [...]

Using Art To Heal a Hurt

Video sharing how I used art to to heal a hurt that came from feeling very vulnerable.

Being vulnerable can hurt but when I have a way to process the feelings, it hurts less.  Whether I am working in an art journal or on a canvas or on a wood panel, it doesn't matter.  What matters is that I am creating.  There is something magical for me when I get paint on my [...]

Seth Apter, the wonderful host of Buried Treasure, reminded me of something as I dug through my posts.  Each time I create, I capture the moment.  Some moments I am laughing at myself. Some moments I am learning lessons.  Some moments I am processing feelings.  I am so grateful for my art journal so I can look back [...]

One of the gifts that I treasure about this art community is the people. People who share, inspire, and support creativity through their thoughts and actions.  People like Carla Devine.  She's the person behind heART Journal Magazine. Carla was kind enough to share a bit about her journey and some giveaways!  First the giveaways! The winner of [...]

There are not words to express how overwhelmed I am by the response to my Layer Me stencils and the number of comments!  Thank You! Thank You!  Did I mention Thank You? This colorful envelope is heading out the door with Pebbles, Connected Eyes, and Iron Grate to their new home with Kelly! Her comment:  [...]

Decided to play around on a scrap of cardboard with Seth Apter’s newest stencil

Words inspire me so you bet I was excited to play with Seth Apter's new stencil, Explore. It's loaded with words and lots of texture too.  For today's play, I'm using fancy fancy things...like cardboard from a box, a cosmetic sponge, and old scrapbooking paper. This is just one of many stops in a blog hop celebrating Seth's [...]

Couldn’t get sharks off the brain so they ended up in my art journal!  Captured it all on video too! Inspired by Discovery Channel’s Shark Week

What's swimming around in my head?  Sharks thanks to Discovery Channel's recent Shark Week.  Brought back all sorts of nostalgia for me since I remember when it all began.  Yes, I'm that old. I am amazed by these creatures...but it's not like I want to swim with them in the open seas.  I am a big [...]

I started  with a Gelli print® and then built up layers of stencils and simple doodling to create a mixed media paper

Ever have a Gelli print® that leaves you feeling blah?  The kind that are fine or okay...that is such a so-so place to be. I don't like so-so.  So what do I do? I say O.O.P.S. This Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly was loaded with opportunity.  If I didn't care about it, I was free to just play with [...]

Creating Stenciled Papers

I’ve created a video showing how I used Gelli® printing as a starting point to create stenciled papers

What can you do with the papers you make Gelli® printing?  You can build on the colors and lines already there with a stencil to create your own custom artful patterned papers.  Something strange has been happening to me...I have been having fun with subtle coloring. Not sure what is happening, but when the muse [...]

I'm very excited about the latest issue of heART Journal Magazine for 3 reasons.  First reason: White space.  I made something with lots of white space!  So much white space I think I used my entire quota of it for the next six months.  Video of the whole page and an interview too. Second reason:  it's a [...]