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Carolyn Dube

Downton Abbey Inspired Art Journaling with a Stencil by Carolyn Dube

Downton Abbey has me under its spell.  I have avoided it until recently and now am an addict devouring seasons as quickly as life will allow.  While listening to the video of Downton Funk- okay, watching the video while pretending to straighten up the studio- I ended up with an art journal page instead of a clean studio.  So [...]

Art journal page from start to finish

Today, I share with you a very personal art journal page that came about because of the loss of my oldest and dearest friend recently.  I share this with the hope that others will be able to use art to heal their wounds.  The only way my soul can begin to process this is through [...]

One Winner Announced…One to Go!

Congratulations to Clemencia!  She has won one of the 21 Secrets Spring giveaways and there is still time to get in on giveaway #2!       One randomly chosen newsletter subscriber will be selected Sunday morning and revealed  in the newsletter than night! If you're already receiving my newsletter, you're entered!  Not signed up [...]

Round Up of All Sorts of Goodness!

Using a bleach pen on a magazine video tutorial

I'm playing around with a laundry supply in my latest guest post at Create Mixed Media.  And no, there is no laundry actually getting cleaned.  That would be crazy talk...of course I was in a bit of a silly mood when I made that video.  Perhaps it was the fumes.  Enjoy the video over there and [...]

I went too far.  I was just playing around on cardboard and was really becoming very very happy with what was developing.  So I kept going...and then I went too far. Does that ever happen to you? Was that a mistake?  Nope, not at all.  It was an Oops, an Outstanding Opportunity that Presented Suddenly.  The [...]

21 Secrets Spring

Art journaling is one of my favorite ways to let myself play.  Thanks to Gelli printing, I have a rich and colorful place to start any time I want and you can too!  I'm sharing 4 new videos showing how to make colorful Gelli prints in 21 Secrets Spring.  Thanks to the very generous Hali [...]

It's not always easy to play but it is always soul nourishing when I do! What makes it hard to play some days?  My inner critic.  That critical voice in my head. I stood in my studio, stuck.  Totally unable to decide what to do. Then Funky Town, the Pseudo Echo version from the Awesome 80's, [...]

She Was Intimidated by PanPastels

VIdeo using PanPastels with a stencil in an art journal background

During a recent conversation there was a word a friend kept using to describe PanPastels. Intimidating.  She had seen some amazing fine art created with them and felt incredibly intimidated because she was not a fine artist. Well, I am not a fine artist.  I am an Oops artist.  That means I can just grab things and see [...]

Creative Chaos in My Art Journal

Video of the creative chaos of an art journal

Sometimes out of chaos comes something good. And there was plenty of chaos happening in this art journal from the very beginning.  It was a mess.  I had no plan which was very clear as visual overload hit in the middle!  But out of that chaos emerged a story. http://youtu.be/gaAhU_r-QXE Watch Creative Chaos in My [...]

Teaching At Artiscape

So excited to be teaching at Artiscape this year!  If you've never been to Artiscape it is a treat!  Not only are there workshops but other fun events too!  The Outsider Art Fair, a Mad Hatter Tea, an Artist's Marketplace, a Friday  night kick off dinner with amazing artists lined up to demo and amaze, [...]