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Carolyn Dube

Winner Winner Turkey Dinner

Thank you doesn't begin to cover what I feel from my head to my toes.   I am so grateful for each and every one of you! I've got the 6 winners here and I'm about to get my turkey dinner ready for Thanksgiving here in the US.  During the meal my family focuses on what [...]

Published in Cloth Paper Scissors and a Video! thumbnail

I've got a new video today over at CreateMixedMedia.com for my latest guest post.  This video was filmed a few months ago.  Why so long? Because I had to send off my art journal page in time to the great people at Cloth Papers Scissors to be included in their 10th anniversary issue! The article, [...]

Stencil Giveaways Ending Soon!

Stencil Giveaways Ending Soon! thumbnail

The stencil giveaways end Wednesday night, well, really it ends early Thursday morning.  I'm randomly picking the names of the 6 winners right before I start working on that big holiday feast so if you'd like a chance to win head over to the blog posts to get entered! Monday: Picasso's Words Tuesday: Kindergarten Writing Wednesday: [...]

A Blueprint Becomes an Idea Factory thumbnail

Things don't always go as planned with me and that is what happened here.  I had the intention of making this into a blueprint type of thing since this stencil was inspired by blueprints of archeological sites.  But my mind took it a totally different direction and turned into an idea factory!  Be sure to [...]

Using a Stencil to Create Journal Prompts thumbnail

I use art to process emotions and feelings but sometimes I get stuck.  That's when having a prompt helps me get moving again.  Gelli prints and my new Verbage stencil to the rescue! This stencil, packed with words of action  to celebrate the emotions and excitement of life, is a great way to create prompt cards. [...]

Stenciling Your Own Tickets

Stenciling Your Own Tickets thumbnail

I managed to solve one of my problems today as the videos and giveaways continue celebrating my latest release at StencilGirl! What was my problem? I love the look of tickets and all they symbolize so I adore creating with tickets.  But I get very protective of my "special" tickets because they are vintage or [...]

Ancient Blueprints Become a Stencil thumbnail

Blueprints have always captured my imagination, especially ones from ancient archeological sites.  The Terrace homes of Ephesus.  The tombs and tunnels in the Valley of the Kings.  The many rooms in King Minos's palace in Crete. That was the inspiration for this stencil which is part of my latest StencilGirl release.  To celebrate, I'm giving [...]

Playing like a Kindergarten Kid

Playing like a Kindergarten Kid thumbnail

  Kindergartner's know how to play, to let go, and be in the moment.  In order to capture some of that spirit, I turned to my own children's school papers from when they were little to create this stencil.  This is actual kid writing with invented kid spelling.   When I showed this stencil my [...]

Picasso’s Words Build an Art Journal Background thumbnail

Today kicks off 6 days of new stenciling videos and a giveaway each day to celebrate my latest release at StencilGirl!  Since I'm incredibly impatient, I couldn't wait until Monday to start so I'm turning this on a little early.  I figure you don't mind... It's no secret I love words and quotes but something [...]

Playing with Transfer Artist Paper

Playing with Transfer Artist Paper thumbnail

Doing an image transfer is so easy with Lesley Riley's TAP.  How easy? It's even Carolyn proof!  The directions even say "You cannot over-iron it!"  They were right!  My so very sad ironing skills were more than enough to make this work perfectly!  This is a part of the TAP/StencilGirl blog hop so be sure to check [...]