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Carolyn Dube

Video sharing how free and playful creating artfully can be thanks to a 5 year old

I was fortunate to be able to watch a master create recently.  She created with abandon. Pure freedom from an inner critic.  Freedom from judgement.  Who was she?  A  5 year old! My entire artistic journey has been about getting back to that place. She never asked if it was right.  She never asked if it [...]

Do you ever see something in an art journal page and no matter what you can't un-see it?  I didn't want to see this.  I tried to ignore it.  This was one persistent tree...sort of like the one that keeps growing right in the middle of my garden...   Here's the messy, going nowhere, art journal page [...]

You Can Never Lose True North

Video of an art journal page that reminded me of a very important message

Art journaling has such power for me.  Why? Because sometimes it reminds me of important messages from time to time. And that is exactly what happened today. Notice her chin.  There's no paint there and that is rather unusual since this was a print from a fully loaded Gelli Plate.  And then I stamped right over [...]

Doodling 2 Different Ways

Doodling, impatiently and quickly in an art journal

Maria McGuire has spent hours and hours and more hours doodling, tangling, and drawing.  I, not so much.  She has, what seems to me, infinite patterns in her mind at all times.  I, not so much.  She is very generous and even took the time to teach me the joys of doodling.  It was like 2 friends [...]

  This all started by cleaning off my paintbrush.  On an index card.  And then letting it sit on my counter for days (okay weeks - I don't like to clean...) And then all the sudden, out of the blue it became a card.  And very quickly too!     A piece of paper cut [...]

Video showing different ways you can use a round Gelli Plate as both a mask and for printing!

  I went round and round for this month's Colorful Gelli Print Party!  And that is a great thing!  Why? Because it was so much fun to play with the 4" round Gelli Plate. While playing around...who should show up? But a child!  Makes sense since I felt like a little kid myself! And he [...]

I'm so excited that in just a few weeks I will be teaching 2 workshops at Artiscape in Columbus, OH.  As I'm finalizing the class handouts, I am getting more and more excited because I can't wait to share and play in person! The stenciling workshop is sold out but there are some spaces left in [...]

It’s Almost 21 Secrets Time!

21 Secrets Spring

On the first of the month, the 21 Secrets Spring ebook will be in the inbox!  An email loaded with downloadable goodies! What all is in there?   Want to know what everyone else is up to - just click here to read about each and every one of them!

Video showing what a round Gelli Plate can do -so many many things!

Would the 6" round Gelli Plate be much different than the big one? I wondered...I wasn't sure until I played with it.  It is different! The size feels so different than the 8" plate.  And thanks to the size, what I could do with it in my art journal blew my mind.  Take a peek at [...]

Video making your own spray inks using Color Burst by Ken Oliver  with Carolyn Dube

Have you seen Ken Oliver's Color Bursts before? These bottles are loaded with a mighty powder that explodes with color when it gets wet.  A full rainbow of fun!  Check out the video where I share how they worked as a spray ink and as watercolors too! I'm not the only one playing with these - [...]