The Stencil Talked to Me

Using a stencil on canvas and finding some wisdom by Carolyn Dube

Using a stencil on canvas and finding some wisdom by Carolyn Dube

The stencil talked to me. It had a very important message that I needed to be reminded of at just the right time.

Too much leftover paint on the palette led me to some very fast and somewhat sloppy stenciling with the  Use Your Words stencil. Notice all the paint that ran under it.  I adore that because it every time I use a stencil it is unique – never exactly same.



Next I grabbed a variety markers and loosely colored in each word.  I forgot to grab a camera so you’re going to have to imagine that step….

Using a stencil on canvas and finding some wisdom by Carolyn Dube


The words needed something more so I outlined them with a dark blue paint and a very fine brush.

And then it happened.  The brush was over loaded with paint and the Oops happened right on the L in “listen”.


Using a stencil on canvas and finding some wisdom by Carolyn Dube

Well, an Oops is just an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly so I went with it and added more paint to the other letters.

The painting was talking to me.  Reminding me to listen, to be present.  But it had more to say.


Using a stencil on canvas and finding some wisdom by Carolyn Dube

As I photographed the canvas for this post I found a word that was never outlined.  I have looked at this many times and never noticed that little word was without an outline.

Reminding me with an artistic whisper to become.  Become what?  Who knows but I will keep moving forward just as the painting moves forward.

This painting is a work in  progress, it has yet to become everything it will be.  Not sure where it is going, but that isn’t important as long as I listen to the painting and let it guide me.  What messages has your muse been sending you lately?

Using a stencil on canvas and finding some wisdom by Carolyn Dube

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13 Responses to The Stencil Talked to Me

  1. Leslie says:

    As always I love your work with stencils!!

  2. Corrine says:

    Listening is often the hardest part, don’t you think…Or we hear it and say, Oh that can’t be it…..xox

  3. Jean Marmo says:

    How cool! I should probably take time to listen to what my work is saying!! Carolyn – I just adore your posts! You are so cherry and have such a positive attitude! I love that you embrace the OOPS which is a good reminder for me! I thank you so much for all you do!

  4. Ruth L says:

    Love this work in progress piece, I also keep things aside, and then at an unexpected moment I continue, just because my eyes fall on them and then I know that’s what I need to pick. I leave pieces under my table, luckily is high, so I love digging there!

  5. Jackie P Neal says:

    I always love your OOPS! my muse has been telling me to let go- give in to the fun! I hope to post something on the playground soon! As always, thankd for your inspiration Carolyn! You always brighten my day!! hugs “)

  6. That looks great. I’m trying to listen to my muse a lot more, I have a terrible habit of ignoring her. Which is crazy, because when I do listen, she’s invariably right.

  7. You inspire me :-) that is just what I need to hang in front of my magic space. My words are probably: serenety, love, present, release, joy and so on!
    Ooops is a lucky way :-) You bring me color today! Big hugs

  8. Elizabeth Kaplan says:

    Very interesting. As always.

  9. Jean Marmo says:

    Carolyn – I just want to thank you —again. I did a blog post today and the simple card I created was the result of hours of struggle. Of trying to do the perfect thing, of trying to do what everyone else is doing, of trying to be a “good artist” I love your point of listening and embracing those ooops. Thanks so much for the help you have given me!!

  10. Judy Shea says:

    So alive. Loving that we ALL have to embrace what comes from our art. Oops or not.

  11. FANTASTIC! just listen…….

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  13. Love it! When the stencil talks, you must listen.