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Carolyn Dube

  Have you been curious about the Gelli Plate?  Wonder how it works?   Or perhaps, you are already addicted to making  Gelli prints and want some tips to get luscious layers of color in only one pull?   No matter where you are on your Gelli Plate journey, this workshop is for you.  I've got intro [...]

On Top of World Playing with Rubber Stamps and Stencils thumbnail

I feel on top of the world when I play...so I captured that feeling with rubber stamps from Viva Las Vegas Stamps and StencilGirl stencils! Today is day 5 of the hop and it is loaded with inspiration!  There are 2 great prizes so be sure to check the end of this post for details [...]

I love the look of layer after layer building up.  But I have the patience of a squirrel when it comes to taking time to building up layers. I love the entire rainbow of color and I want to use it all at once.  But I don't want mud.   Is it possible to get [...]

Art Journaling with Obstacles

Obstacles pop up at times.  Some days more than others. Check out my guest post over at Create Mixed Media to find out what obstacles showed up and how I worked around them!

My Art Journal Was My Therapist

My Art Journal Was My Therapist thumbnail

I had something I had to work out so I had a session with my most trusted therapist, my art journal. When I am caught up in the mess of the emotions I don't see things terribly clearly.  Today, I calmed myself down with some paint and stencils.   Then some scribble journaling, in white pencil [...]

Building a House for My Muse

Building a House for My Muse thumbnail

I want my muse to feel welcome here at my studio, so I decided I'd build her a mixed media house of her own for the StencilGirl and Eileen Hull Designs blog hop! I started with the roof.  I grabbed a sheet of paper made during some stenciling play and cut strips of scallops from [...]

Frida Helped Me Get Unstuck

Frida Helped Me Get Unstuck thumbnail

Starting in my art journal can be the hardest part for me.  Why?  Because that is when I tend to over think and trap myself in my head.  When I am in my head, I get stuck. How do I get unstuck when art journaling? Challenges.  There are rules, guidelines, and most importantly for me, a [...]

All over Facebook friends are posting photos of their kids going to their first day of school.  As I saw those cute kids with new clothes, backpacks full of school supplies, and smiling faces I realized I'm one of them! I had stacks of kits for 2 workshops with crates of colorful supplies to be used in class. [...]

The Upside Down Art Journal Page thumbnail

What do you do when you get a new stencil? I explore it.  Try it this way and that to get to know the stencil. This art journal page came from some of my new stencil explorations. The last step for an artist creating a stencil is trying out the sample, called a blue (because [...]

Painting Flower Pots…Learn From My Mistakes thumbnail

I wanted color, lots of color, all summer long.  The plants are pretty but there are times when they aren't in full bloom and I wanted color all the time.  So I used an afternoon painting flower pots.  Oops... What you are seeing is the 2nd try with the paint....the first time I used exterior house [...]