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Carolyn Dube

How Many People Does it Take to Make an Apron thumbnail

How many people does it take to make an apron?  Well, in my case...a roomful!    We all wanted to play together while at Art Is You in Memphis so we took Linda Willis's class knowing it would be relaxed, comfortable, and fun because of her teaching style.  She is incredibly generous, both with her knowledge [...]

Am I Planning Today or Playing Today… thumbnail

Did I have a plan when I started this?  Was this carefully thought out?  If you're a regular reader of this blog you probably already know the answer. You can find the answer to that burning question over on my guest post for CreateMixedMedia! Be sure to notice what a piece of incredible artistic skill [...]

My Muse Gave My Inner Critic a Kick in the Pants thumbnail

My inner critic and my muse had a huge fight.  I am happy to say that my muse gave my inner critic a swift kick in the rear end!  And I got to play in my art journal!   The muse started out just inspiring me to use up leftover paints with a new stencil.  My muse is very [...]

Playing with Traci Bautista’s New Stencils! thumbnail

    It's no secret that I love circles and so I was eager to play with  Traci Bautista's new Circle Circle stencil for this blog hop!  There's lots of inspiration happening here so be sure to check them all out (and of course, get in on the giveaways!) http://youtu.be/BllV2RUOHXg Watch Playing with Traci Batista's stencil in my art [...]

There’s a New Color in my Rainbow thumbnail

I can't believe I am going to say this.  I had seen the writing on the wall during my trip to teach in Arizona and also when I hung out with Kirsten Reed in Memphis at Art Is You.  I had an inkling that this change was coming but I was still resisting it, until [...]

  http://youtu.be/OtzYDdeNdeo Watch Using a Gelli Print on a Mini Canvas on YouTube. On those days when I am feeling self critical, it is easy for me to think about my failures. You know those big failures like when I forgot to make a reservation at the restaurant.  Or when I forgot my kid had an orthodontist appointment. [...]

Ugly is a gift!  Really!  This canvas worked out in the end but it did have some hideously ugly stages.  Truly hideous.  And all that ugly was a good thing! Ugly good?  Yes!  You can see what I mean over on my latest guest post, Ugly is a Gift, at CreateMixedMedia.    

Using My Hands on the Gelli Plate for This Month’s Party thumbnail

Hands right in the paint

  This month's Colorful Gelli Print Party is all about giving high five's and celebrating our successes...and getting paint all over our hands on the Gelli Plate!   http://youtu.be/vtenyEwhdFM Watch  Using Your Hands on the Gelli Plate on YouTube   Every day is filled with successes.  It is so much easier to see the shortcomings, the struggles, [...]

It's summer here and that means outdoor entertaining.  I tend to use cheap white plastic cutlery and it looks like cheap white plastic cutlery.  Once I put it in a red and denim blue box it suddenly looked a whole lot more festive and ready for summer fun. How'd I make that box? It's Eileen Hull's ATB Sizzix die with some [...]

A Painted Deli Paper Birthday Card thumbnail

I needed a birthday card and I just wanted to play in my studio.  So, how can I do both?  By making an oversized card myself!   A great bonus of making the card, I was both happy when I made it and happy when I gave it. I used things like Deli Paper and [...]